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How Well Do You Know: The People Under The Stairs
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1. The movie begins with a boy that everybody calls Fool. The nickname stems from tarot cards. Who gave him the nickname?
His mother
His aunt
His sister
His grandma
2. Fool's mother badly needs a operation that the family can't afford. What's the operation for?
Her heart
Her back
A brain tumor
3. Fool's sister Ruby has a boyfriend named Leroy. Leroy is played by an actor best known from what famous movie?
Pulp Fiction
Shawshank Redemption
Color Purple
By way of explanation.....
Ving Rhames plays Leroy
4. Leroy and his friend Spenser convince Fool to help rob the landlord. What do they want to steal?
Money (duh)
Gold coins
5. The guys send Fool up to the landlord's house in disguise. What is Fool dressed as?
Cub Scout
Bear Trooper
Boy Scout
Newspaper boy
6. Spenser finds his way into the house, pretending to be the gas man. Fool thinks he's just looking around. Leroy thinks maybe the president will make him secretary of what?
The pussy
The bitches
The ass
The tits
7. What nickname does Fool give to the lady of the house?
Death ray
Evil eye
8. When Leroy and Fool break into the house. When a guard dog that attacks Leroy, he says, "Did you see that, he came at me like _________?"
A bull
A shark
A freight train
An airplane
9. After fighting with the dog, Leroy and Fool end up in the kitchen. What DON'T they notice is wrong with the room?
There are locks on the cabinets
There are flies everywhere
It smells bad
There's strange meat on the counter
10. Fool describes the man of the house as big. He compares him to the size of what?
11. Finish Leroy's phrase: "A man's not dead just because he's __________:"
Lying down
Very quiet
Not moving
12. How was Spenser killed?
By Daddy
By the people under the stairs
He was scared to death
By Mommy
13. Mommy and Daddy are not only the landlords of apartments, but they also own another business. What type of business is it?
Dry cleaners
Gas station
Jewelry store
Liquor store
14. Mommy and Daddy seem to have a favorite saying. What phrase do they repeat throughout the film?
Fires of Hell
Burn in Hell
Rot in Hell
Go to Hell
15. Mommy and Daddy have a boy child whose escaped into the walls. What's the boy's name?
16. Who kills Prince the dog?
17. How does Fool escape from the house?
He climbs down a trellis
He climbs out of a window
He sneaks out the back door
He jumps off the roof
18. How many years does Fool's grandpa say, the gold coins will pay the rent? (Keep in mind, the movie is set in 1991)
Till 2000
Till 1999
Till 2005
Till 2010
19. What secret DIDN'T Alice know about her parents?
They kill people
They have lots of people in the basement
They eat people
They are brother and sister
20. Fool calls the police on Mommy and Daddy. What did he claim was going on to get the police to come out?
Child abuse
21. Finish this phrase: "I don't want to see another cop or ________in my life. I don't know which one makes me sicker."
Slice of pie
22. Mommy and Daddy have to punish Alice for being bad. Where do they leave her?
Tied to the chimney
Locked in the closet
In the basement
Tied up in the bathroom
23. Why does Daddy want Alice dead?
Because she escaped
He thinks she did "it" with Fool
He thinks she'll tell on them
Because she spoke, saw, and heard evil
24. How does Mommy die?
Alice bangs her head on the floor
Alice stabs her
The people under the stairs get her
Daddy accidentally kills her
25. How does Daddy die?
He falls down a well
Fool shoots him
In a explosion
The people under the stairs get him

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