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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Muffin Tops
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1. Jerry, on clothing George is wearing that clearly belong to a tourist: "He asked you to watch them, not wear them." George: "_____"
My life is a mess, baby!
I'm still watching them!
He never said anything about not wearing them!
I don't care!
2. Mr. Peterman uses Kramer's life stories in his memoir. Dubbing himself "the real Peterman," Kramer joins Peterman at _____ for his book signing.
Barnes & Noble
Walden Books
3. Who plants the idea in Mr. Lippman that the muffin tops are the best part of the muffin?
4. Jerry begins shaving loose hairs on his _____. Before he knew, he shaved the whole thing.
5. Mr. Lippman opens up a muffin top shop. What's it called?
Top of the Muffin to You!
Pendant Muffins
That'll Be a Muffin Top!
6. Who said it? "You know, if you take everything I've accomplished in my entire life and condensed it down into one day, it looks decent!"
7. Kramer starts a Peterman Reality Bus Tour. What's the snack? Pizza bagel and _____.
A pint of chocolate milk
Bite-size Three Musketeers
8. The store gets overrun with muffin stumps. Elaine tries getting rid of them a number of ways. Of the following, which doesn't she try?
She fashions the stumps into another bakery item
She makes Kramer haul them to the dump in his bus
She gives them to a homeless shelter
She hires Newman to eat them
9. Finish Elaine's line about muffin tops: "If the homeless don't like them, the homeless _____."
Can just throw 'em away
Can go eat something else
Don't have to eat them
Can shove it
10. George ends up getting traded to _____ because his boss, Mr. Steinbrenner, thinks George is holding down two jobs.
Tyler Chicken
Sal's Steaks
Paulson Homeowner's Association
The Mets

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