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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 14: The One with the Candy Hearts
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1. Ross spots a girl in Central Perk who lives in his building. When he goes to talk to her, how does he break the ice?
He tells a joke
He starting talking about dinosaurs
He returns an egg he borrowed from her
He whistles at her
2. Even though she hates him and dumped him, why does Phoebe want to go back out with Roger?
She misses him
She wants a date for Valentines Day
She needs to get some
She wants to tell him she's pregnant
3. Joey brings Chandler along for a double date. Who does Joey's date, Lorraine, bring for Chandler?
No One
4. The girls have two options for a Valentines Day "bad boyfriend cleansing ritual." One is burning all the items their exes gave them. What is the other?
Getting completely hammered
Hooking up with the next guy that walks through the door
Breaking all the dishes in the house
Chant and dance naked around the fire with sticks
5. Where does everyone see that Chandler and Janice spent the night together?
The hall
The bathroom
The street
Central Perk
6. What item causes the girl's "burning ritual" to get out of control?
Boxer shorts
A lot of love notes
7. With whom does Ross end up spending the majority of his Valentines Day night?
8. After Janice tells Chandler she bought him something, what is his immediate response?
"Oh boy!"
"Lets break up!"
"I love you."
"Is it loaded?"
9. Chandler: "Oh man in my next life I'm coming back as _______."
A toilet brush
a dog's toothbrush
Toilet paper
An old farmer's boots
10. Who do the girls end up meeting?
Their hunky college neighbors

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