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How Well Do You Know: Coming to America
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1. The movie starts out in Africa. What is the name of the country that Prince Akeem is from?
2. Prince Akeem has one simple request on the morning of his 21st birthday. What does he ask to do on his own?
Take a shower
Pick out his own shirt
Go to the bathroom
Dress himself
3. Akeem's father, King Jaffe Joffer, recalls what experience as overrated?
Wiping your own butt
Tying your own shoe
Brushing your own teeth
Dressing yourself
4. Semmi is not only Akeem's servant and best friend, he also is Akeem's workout partner. What does he call Akeem to get him motivated?
Diseased rhinoceros penis
Pile of steaming hippopotamus s*it
Hair on a elephant's ass
Sweat from a baboon's balls
5. Akeem can't believe his fiance' will do whatever he tells her to. Which of the following DOESN'T he ask her to do?
Bark like a big dog
Make a noise like a orangutan
Spin in a circle
Hop one one foot
6. When Akeem and Semmi arrive in New York, they step in front of a cab. The cabbie call's Akeem a name and Akeem is puzzled by its meaning. What does the cabbie call him?
Dumb f*ck
F*cking idiot
Dip s*it
Stupid s*ithead
7. Akeem is very impressed by America. He comments, "America is great indeed. Imagine a country so free one can...."
Pee in the streets
Throw trash at your neighbours
Order food from a talking box
Throw glass on the sidewalk
8. Akeem wants a room to rent that looks very poor. What ISN'T wrong with the room?
It has rats in it
The heat doesn't work
The bathroom has a insect problem
A dog was killed in it
9. Complete this phrase, "Oh there they go, every time I start talking about boxing a white man's got to go pull ________ out their ass!"
Jack Dempsey
Primo Carnera
James Braddock
Rocky Marciano
10. Darryl is Lisa's very rich boyfriend. What did his dad invent to make the family so rich?
Hair spray
A line of combs and brushes
Jheri curl spray
11. Akeem and Semmi go to try and meet women in night clubs. What kind of crazy woman do they NOT encounter?
A woman who made animal sounds
Recently separated Siamese twins
A devil worshipper
The reincarnated Joan Arc
12. What is the name of the fast food place at which Akeem and Semmi get jobs?
13. Mr. Randy Watson is a singer and goddamn it, that boy is good. What is the name of his band that plays so fine?
Sexy Kisses
Brown Sugar Boys
Sexual Chocolate
Maple Syrup Soul Brothers
14. Akeem is really trying to get Lisa to notice him. He reminds her, "When you think of ___________ think of Akeem."
15. The actor playing Darryl, is more known from his Emmy award hit T.V show. What famous show did he star in?
Law and Order
The Practice
16. Akeem wants to impress Lisa with a expensive, anonymous gift. What does he buy her?
A watch
17. What well known actor played a armed robber in the film?
Wesley Snipes
Samuel L. Jackson
Danny Glover
Terrance Howard
18. Without asking Lisa first, Darryl makes a announcement at the party. What does he say that Lisa has agreed to do?
Marry him
Work for his dad
Become a Soul Glo model
Move in with him
19. If you know your Eddie Murphy movies, you can clearly spot the cameo characters of one of his previous films. What movie was it?
48 Hours
Golden Child
Beverly Hills Cop
Trading Places
By way of explanation.....
Randolph and Mortimer Duke from Trading Places
20. What does Akeem tell Lisa that he does for a living?
Cleans up after animals
Goat herder
Window washer
21. Comedian Louie Anderson plays Maurice. He works at McDowell's and he is very excited about his promotion to:
Making fries
Squirting mustard and mayo
Washing lettuce
Flipping burgers
22. Darryl can't seem to get though his greasy head that Lisa doesn't like him anymore. Who is the one that ultimately chases Darryl away?
Mr. McDowell
The king
23. What happens to tip Akeem off that his parents might be in town?
The neighbour's were talking about these expensive-looking people
Semmi left to go stay at a expensive hotel
Mr. Cleo McDowell is being nice to him
He sees rose petals
24. What is Akeem's mother, the queen's first name? (Don't worry Mr. McDowell couldn't pronounce it either.)
25. Disappointed he's going back to Africa without Lisa. Semmi comforts Akeem with the knowledge that at least they:
Learned to make french fries
Learned what dumb f*ck meant
Threw glass on the sidewalk
Each got to be employee of the week

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