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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 11: The One with Mrs. Bing
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1. As Monica and Phoebe walk the street and see a cute guy, Mon "woo-hoo's" at him. What happens next?
He blows her a kiss
He "woo-hoo's" back
He gets hit by a car
A dog breaks his leash and attacks him
2. Chandler's mom, Ms. Nora Bing, is on whose late-night talk show?
David Letterman's
Jay Leno's
Conan O'Brien's
Johnny Carson's
3. What does Chandler's mom state on TV that causes him to say, "...And then he burst into flames."
She's pregnant
She's becoming a pornstar
She's in love with a "Latino firecracker."
She bought Chandler his first condoms
4. Who ends up kissing Chandler's mom?
5. This is the first episode that we find out how many siblings Joey has. How many children, including Joey, did Gloria Tribbani give birth to?
6. What gives away the fact that Monica visited the cute guy in the hospital without Phoebe?
His teeth are minty fresh
His hospital room is very clean
His pajamas have been changed
He has new window curtains
7. Joey repeatedly say to Ross, "You broke the _____!"
Jelly jar
8. After being inspired by Chandler's mom, Rachel decides to:
Visit her parents
Write an erotic novel
Kiss Ross
Wear more revealing clothes
9. What does Chandler say to first confront his mom?
"Hey, you!"
"That's not right!"
"You did badddddd!"
"You kissed my best Ross."
10. What's weird about Rachel's first couple of chapters of her book?
They're very graphic
She drew the illustrations
It was written in crayon
There are a lot of misspellings

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