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How Well Do You Know: Modern Family: Season 2 Part 1
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1. "The Old Wagon": While cleaning out the car after she and Phil decided to sell it, Claire gets nostalgic while looking at the items inside. Among the items is a jar which she says Luke used to try and capture _______ after a day at the beach.
ocean waves
a starfish
footprints on the sand
2. "The Old Wagon": What does Gloria reluctantly try (and enjoy) after Manny's crush introduces him to it?
chocolate covered potato chips
peanut butter and bacon sandwiches
salt in chocolate milk
French fries and mayonnaise
3. "The Kiss": What movie does Alex quote to her crush while telling him she wants him to kiss her?
The Wedding Singer
Notting Hill
When Harry Met Sally
4. "The Kiss": Claire, Gloria, Manny and Cam confront Jay about his:
refusal to acknowledge Cam and Mitchell's relationship
stinginess with money
inability to show affection
plans to sell the house
5. "Earthquake": Phil realizes that Claire being stuck in the bathroom with the plumber is the perfect time for him to:
show her how he can come to the rescue
anchor a cabinet to the wall - something he told her he had already done
teach Luke how to fix the dishwasher
watch ESPN without being told to turn the channel
6. "Earthquake": Mitchell breaks a frog figurine on the mantle that belonged to Cameron. How did Cam win that figurine?
a hollerin' contest at 4H Camp
a tractor pull at the county fair
a pie-eating contest at a 4th of July Old Home Days
a watermelon seed spitting contest at recess
7. "Strangers on a Treadmill": Cam, offended when Claire says he should stop wearing bicycle shorts, tells Mitchell that maybe she should "stick to things she knows more about, like ________."
shrinking clothes in the dryer
losing her temper
overcooking salmon
overplucking eyebrows
8. "Strangers on a Treadmill": Haley feels a sense of pride and family after teaching Alex how to:
drive Phil and Claire's car despite being too young to drive
send a racy text message to a boy she has a crush on
skip class and go shopping instead
become part of the "in crowd" by giving the blow-off to a popular girl at school
9. "Unplugged": Gloria steals the neighbor's noisy dog and gives him to her hairdresser's brother's family. What does she tell Jay and Manny she received as a thank-you gift from the dog's new family?
a back and neck massage
free haircuts for a year
10. "Unplugged": The Dunphys have a contest to see who can go the longest without using any form of technology. Who wins?
11. "Halloween": Mitchell, embarrassed that he's one of only a few people at his firm who dressed up for Halloween, tries taking his costume off in the bathroom. This does not go well, as he drops his shirt in the toilet and winds up setting off multiple car alarms after sneaking out of the building to get a spare shirt in his car. Who is Mitchell dressed as?
Lady Gaga
Pee-Wee Herman
12. "Halloween": The Dunphy's Haunted House is initially a huge failure, because every family member seems to have a problem. Which of the following is not true?
Cameron is traumatized about a childhood Halloween "incident"
Gloria will only speak in what she calls "proper American"
Jay refuses to participate because he thinks Halloween is a ridiculous excuse for a "holiday"
Alex would rather be upstairs doing homework than downstairs participating in the Halloween festivities
13. "Chirp": Claire and Haley have a conversation about bad relationships, disguised as a conversation about:
Britney Spears
drugs and alcohol
a soap opera
14. "Chirp": After Jay refers to Manny as his son, Manny breaks his silence and tells Jay what event Gloria is planning on celebrating that day. The event is the anniversary of:
Jay and Gloria's first kiss
Jay divorcing his first wife
Gloria and Manny's arrival in America
the first time Jay told Gloria he loved her
15. "Manny Get Your Gun": While racing Claire and Luke to the restaurant to celebrate Manny's birthday, Phil is devastated to hear from his daughters that:
they wish Claire and Phil would get divorced
they don't want to go to family camp this year
they think Phil is not the "cooler" parent
they question whether Phil is their real father
16. "Manny Get Your Gun": Cam is so busy helping an elderly man meet up with his love (who is not his wife) that he doesn't realize that Mitchell is rushing him along to Manny's party. Why is Mitchell in such a rush?
he wants a glass of wine at the restaurant
he had the babysitter bring Lilly to the restaurant so she could spend the day with her daddies
he wants Cam to get away from the elderly adulterer
he wants to surprise Cam by being part of a flash mob
17. "Mother Tucker": Who is the most devastated by Haley's breakup with Dylan?
18. "Mother Tucker": Jay and Manny go online to try and figure out what Jay's bodily pains could be a sign of, while trying to hide it all from Gloria, who thinks it's all much ado about nothing. What *is* wrong with Jay?
nothing at all
19. "Dance Dance Revelation": Mitchell and Cam are horrified to find out that Lily has been:
wetting the bed at night
calling Gloria "Mommy"
biting other people
pulling the heads off her Barbie dolls
20. "Dance Dance Revelation": Phil gets arrested by mall police for:
stealing a pair of socks from the Dollar General
harassing a cologne salesman by spraying him with his own cologne
accidentally pushing an elderly woman down the escalator
pretending to hold on a bank in the mall with a squirt gun

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