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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 09: The One where Underdog Gets Away
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1. Where does Rachel go with her family every Thanksgiving?
Upstate New York
Vail, Colorado
Portsmith, New Hampshire
Montpelier, Vermont
2. Where are Ross and Monica's parents going for Thanksgiving?
Puerto Rico
Costa Rica
3. What's unusual about Joey when he walks into Central Perk?
He's wearing woman's clothes
He's limping
He's in shorts in November
He's wearing make-up
4. What is Chandler's traditional Thanksgiving feast?
Turkey, mashed potatoes and corn
Cereal, banana and oatmeal
Grilled cheese, tomato soup and Funyuns
Hot dog, beans and fries
5. The poster for the free clinic portrays Joey as having what disease?
Chicken Pox
A venereal disease
6. How many kinds of potatoes is Monica making?
7. Where did Underdog break free?
Right before Macy's
Right when he saw Garfield
Right before Sears
Right before 5th Ave
8. What song tune does Ross sing to his unborn baby?
Yellow Submarine
Jungle Love
Surfin' USA
Hey, Hey We're The Monkeys
9. Who does Ugly Naked Guy have dinner with?
Fun Bobby
Ugly Naked Gal
10. What does Joey and Monica use as the wishbone?
The wishbone...duh
A banana
A grilled cheese sandwich
A hotdog

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