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How Well Do You Know: This Is Spinal Tap
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1. Director Martin DiBergi (known as Marty to his devotees) wears a US Navy ship cap throughout this Rockumentary. What ship name appears on his cap.
USS Austin
USS Enterprise
USS Ooral Sea
USS Ronald Reagan
2. What is the name of the club where Marty DiBergi first encounters the boys of Spinal Tap?
Studio 54
Electric Banana
Archie's Place
Moe's Tavern
3. When he first saw Tap, Marty DiBergi was knocked out by their... ?
Set Design
4. The rockumentary opens and closes with Spinal Tap playing the same song. Which one?
Sex Farm
Big Bottom
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight
Hell Hole
5. Unfortunately, Spinal Tap drummers have a very short life span. The Smell The Glove tour featured which drummer (until he exploded on-stage) through the majority of the rockumentary?
John "Stumpy" Pepys
Peter "James" Bond
Mick Shrimpton
Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs
6. After Mick Shrimpton’s explosive exit from the band, what drummer joined the band for the Japanese leg of the Smell the Glove tour?
Joe "Mama" Besser
Peter "James" Bond
Viv Savage
Ronnie Pudding
7. Nigel and David performed the song “Gimme Some Money” on “Pop, Look & Listen” in 1965. What was the name of their band at that time?
The Originals
The New Originals
The Tufnel-St. Hubbins Group
The Thamesmen
8. Which of Tap's drummers met his end in a bizarre gardening accident best left unsolved?
John "Stumpy" Pepys
Peter "James" Bond
Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs
Joe "Mama" Besser
9. You can't dust for it. Which of Tap’s drummers met his end by choking on unidentified vomit?
John "Stumpy" Pepys
Peter "James" Bond
Joe "Mama" Besser
Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs
10. Who is the Midwest Promotions person for Polymer Records?
Bobbi Flekman
Ian Faith
Artie Fufkin
Sir Denis Eton-Hogg
11. Everyone knows 11 is one louder, necessary for when you need that extra push over the cliff. What company made Nigel’s custom guitar amp with settings that go all the way to 11?
12. Spinal Tap performs “Big Bottom” at which venue?
Vandermint Auditorum in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Fidelity Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Shank Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Xanadu Star Theater in Cleveland, Ohio
13. Which two retailers refuse to carry Smell The Glove based solely on the cover?
Wal-Mart and Target
Walgreens and Woolworth
Sears and K-Mart
Tower Records and Macy’s
14. “Not a big college town” is how Ian describes what city after learning that Spinal Tap’s performance there has been cancelled?
St. Louis
Des Moines
15. Complete the quote: “Mime is ______”
a crime
a waste of time
16. Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins first met in Squatney in 1955. What was the first song they wrote together?
Hell Hole
Jazz Oddyssey
Cups and Cakes
All The Way Home
17. In which city does the band meet Duke Fame?
Los Angeles
18. Why was the Memphis gig cancelled?
Venue closed abruptly
Police ordered the concert cancelled
Stagehands went on strike
Lack of advertising funds
19. While in Memphis the band learns from a local DJ that they reside in the “where are they now” file. What song by The Thamesmen did the DJ play?
Gimme Some Money
Cups and Cakes
All The Way Home
20. Jeanine Pettibone arrives to begin travelling with the band while Tap is rehearsing for a show in what venue?
Xanadu Star Theater
Shank Hall
Season’s Family Eating restaurant
Lindberg Air Force Base
21. According to Nigel what is the saddest of all keys?
B minor
G flat
A flat
D minor
22. According to David which of the following isn’t Ian Faith’s job?
To be as confused as Nigel
Find lost luggage
Locate mandolin strings
Fix problems with backstage arrangements
23. After the rather disastrous performance where the Stonehenge monument was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf and Ian quits, what was Derek’s practical question?
“Who’s going to cover my travel expenses?”
“Are we going to do Stonehenge tomorrow?”
“Can I have Ian’s room?”
“What’s for dinner?”
24. Lt. Hookstratten suggests that the band look up which group should they ever find themselves in Kansas City?
The Folksmen
The Replacements
Four Jacks and a Jill
The Rutles
25. The night of the final show of the US tour in Los Angeles, Nigel shows up to deliver a message from Ian that which Tap song hit #5 in Japan?
Big Bottom
Heavy Duty
Sex Farm
26. What is the name of the theme park in Stockton, California where Spinal Tap is given second billing to a puppet show?
Neptune Park
Themeland Amusement Park
Wonderland Park
Bohemia Park
27. According to Ian, why did Sir Eton-Hogg receive his Knighthood?
For opening a summer camp for pale young boys
For founding Polymer Records
For funding a Skiffle Museum
For improvements in umbrella design
28. According to David, Saint Hubbins was the patron Saint of what?
Quality footwear
29. Complete the quote from Viv Savage: “Have a good time ________”
or else
then you die
all the time
rock and rolling
30. If David couldn’t be a rock and roller, what would he be?
A teacher
A full-time dreamer
A haberdasher
A seller of quality footwear
31. How many members has Tap had over the years, according to David?
32. Derek describes Nigel and David as two poets. Which two poets does he compare them to?
Byron and Shelley
Seuss and Silverstein
Holmes and Watson
Milne and Bond
33. Complete the quote: “It’s such a fine line between stupid ________”
and dumb
and smart
and Ian
and clever

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