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How Well Do You Know: Hawaii Five-O: Season 1 Part 1
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1. For those keeping track and making the inevitable comparisons to the original, what is the main difference from the show then and now?
The lead character is no longer Steve McGarrett
The character Kono is now a woman
The iconic them song was not used
Danno was a security guard and not a detective
2. Pilot: What nickname does Steve McGarrett's father (William Sadler) call him twice as a clue to key evidence to a larger mystery?
3. Pilot: What is the name of the Irish terrorist (played by James Marsters) that killed the elder McGarrett and is (supposedly) killed by the vengeful Steve at the end of the episode?
4. Episode 2 (Ohana): Who witnesses via a video chat the former NSA analyst's kidnapping?
His wife
His son
Danno's daughter
5. Episode 2 (Ohana): Named so by the hacker McGarrett is using, what is the nickname of the device that can open any encripted system, which was the motive for the kidnapping?
backstage pass
open door
skeleton key
6. Episode 2 (Ohana): What special event does the team miss because of the case but they conduct an impromptu substitute for it?
Kono's police academy graduation
McGarrett's naval retirement party
Danno's daughter's birthday
Chin Ho's wedding anniversary
7. Episode 3 (Malama Ka Aina): While at the high school football game, we learn that both Chin Ho and McGarrett played what position in football?
Running back
8. Episode 3 (Malama Ka Aina): McGarrett plays Mr. Wizard by using what first aid kit staple item to create a spray to determine if something metal was put in pizza boxes?
Rubbing alcohol
Antiseptic ointment
9. Episode 4 (Lanakila): McGarrett's sister resurfaces after many years. Why was she detained (and thus, needing her brother's help) at the airport?
Her credit cards were frozen
Her name popped up on a no-fly list
She disabled a smoke detector on a plane
She tried to smuggle alcohol on board
10. Episode 4 (Lanakila): When was the last time McGarrett had seen his sister Mary?
Dad's funeral
Her high school graduation
His first deployment
Mom's funeral
11. Episode 4 (Lanakila): For which member of the Five-0 team is this episode the first of many with them having to use a cane?
Chin Ho
12. Episode 5 (Nalowale): Come to find out the murdered girl has a sister that is still missing. Both girls are the daughters of the US Ambassador to ______
13. Episode 5 (Nalowale): How does Kono get the leader of the sex trade ring to talk?
Stands on her foot
Shoots holes into the wall
Threatens to have her dog put to sleep
She doesn't because the woman was killed in the raid
14. Episode 6 (Ko'olauloa): What is the 'royal' name of the surf company, whose CEO (and friend of Kono) is killed by a sniper?
Coral Prince
Wave King
Serf Baron
Duke of Curl
15. Episode 6 (Ko'olauloa): By the end of the episode, we know that Kevin Sorbo (Hercules himself) was the bad guy and all of the following played a part in the murder case except:
real estate dealings
a changed will
an illegitimate son
drug trafficking
16. Episode 7 (Ho'apono): A Navy SEAL takes hostages aboard the USS ______ in order to get the police to prove he didn't kill his wife.
17. Episode 7 (Ho'apono): In the end, who was responsible for both the wife's murder and the daughter's kidnapping?
The Navy SEAL
The neighbor
The Russian ex-husband
18. Episode 8 (Mana'o): Where is the body of Danny's ex-partner found at the beginning of the episode with his badge in his mouth?
A submarine
Steps of the police department
A luau
Five-0 headquarters
19. Episode 9 (Po'ipu): Every week, some acquaintance or loved one of the Five-0 team is either killed, turns bad or in jeopardy. In this episode, which member of the team is an old friend of the man leading the assassination of a ruthless dictator while he is in Hawaii?
Chin Ho
20. Episode 10 (Heihei): When the robbers stole an armored truck, what were the criminals after?
The truck itself
Video of access codes to pickup spots
The guards' uniforms
21. Episode 10 (Heihei): What physical endurance event is the diversion the robbers use as a cover?
A marathon
A biathalon
A triathalon
Half marathon
22. Episode 11 (Palekaiko): The team finds out that the newlywed serial killer uses cruise lines to commit his kills on the anninversary of what event?
His parents murder
The death of his wife
His wedding day that his bride jilted him on
23. Episode 12 (Hana 'a'a Makehewa): Victor Hess returns and fits Chin Ho with a nice new neck bomb accessory. Hess' ransom is safe passage off the island and $__ million.
24. Episode 12 (Hana 'a'a Makehewa): Where does McGarrett get the ransom money from, which Hess burns, which in turn results in Hess being beaten to a pulp and arrested?
The governor
Danno's ex-wife
A money launderer
The Honolulu PD evidence locker
25. Episode 12 (Hana 'a'a Makehewa): The final shot is of Hess being visited in prison by new big bad Wo Fat, played by Mark Dacascos, a native of Hawaii who has appeared on all of the following except?
Iron Chef
The Ultimate Fighter
Dancing with the Stars
The Crow: Stairway to Heaven

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