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where can i see the answers?
mol88 4/23/13 11:13 pm


1. The sequel starts exactly where Iron Man ended. Who is shown watching the press conference during which Tony Stark comes out?
Anton and Ivan Vanko
Nick Fury and Natalie "Rushman" aka The Black Widow
Pepper Potts and Agent Coulson
A Herd of Victoria's Secret Models
By way of explanation.....
Suffice to say that the Vankos are not happy...and not just because the older one is on his deathbed.
2. Early in the movie, the blueprint for the Arc Reactor is displayed. Howard Stark is one of the project designers. Who is listed as the other?
Anton Vanko
Hank Pym
Reed Richards
Tony Stark
By way of explanation.....
Vanko went rogue and wound up getting deported back to Russia. The other three would have been in elementary school at the time, not that this would stop Reed Richards.
3. Throughout Iron Man 2, Tony uses a device to do a health check. What is displayed at 19% at the start of the film?
Blood Glucose
Blood Toxicity
Iron Heart Rate
Sexual Arousal
By way of explanation.....
Tony's Blood Toxicity starts at 19%. Stark's Sexual Arousal presumably starts at 100% and goes up from there.
4. Kate Mara, that really pretty woman from We Are Marshall, has a small part in the film when she hands Tony Stark something. What is it?
Copyright infringement lawsuit from Justin Hammer
Keys to her hotel suite
Results of a paternity test
Subpoena to appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee
By way of explanation.....
After she hands him the subpoena, she flashes her...badge. If she'd given him the hotel key, he'd be my hero.
5. A rather famous person is cast as the head of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He is the star of...
Conan (O'Brien, not The Barbarian)
Conan (The Barbarian, not O'Brien)
It's Garry Shandling's Show
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
By way of explanation.....
This is the theme to Garry's show, the theme to Garry's show. Garry called me up and asked if I would write his theme song.
6. The Senate sub-committee has two invited guests speak about the Iron Man weapon. Who are they?
Justin Hammer and Ivan Vanko
Justin Hammer and Natasha Romanoff aka The Black Widow
Justin Hammer and James Rhodes aka War Machine
Justin Hammer and Nick Fury
By way of explanation.....
I have nothing funny to add here, so let's just take a moment to think about Scarlett Johansson in the Black Widow outfit.
7. Tony volunteers for a government position. What is it?
Ambassador to the Swedish Bikini Team if they still exist.
Benevolent Dictator for Life
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of State
By way of explanation.....
Does the Swedish Bikini Team still exist? We need them now more than ever.
8. Pepper Potts gets a promotion in the film. What's her new gig?
CEO of Stark Industries
Mrs. Tony Stark
Level 16 S.H.I.E.L.D. Operative
Vice-President of Stark Industries
By way of explanation.....
Pepper Potts sounds more like a porn star than a high profile CEO, right?
9. How does Pepper describe Stark employee Natalie Rushman?
"Black Widow-y."
"For an accountant, she has the most balanced books I've ever seen."
"Potentially a very expensive sexual harassment lawsuit"
"Too attractive to let her spend any time near you, Tony"
By way of explanation.....
Stark is a billionaire. What's a sexual harassment settlement here and there to him? He's seen Lost in Translation. He knows she's worth it.
10. Justin Hammer has a date of sorts who knows Tony. Who is it?
Christine Everhart
Natasha Romanoff
Pepper Potts
Happy Hogan (You're too good for him, Happy.)
By way of explanation.....
Everhart's chastity is questioned at several points during this conversation. What did they expect from Mrs. Ricky Bobby?
11. Where does Ivan Vanko announce his presence with authority, making his first appearance as Whiplash?
24 Hours of Le Mans
Circuit de Monaco
Indianapolis 500
Tour de France
By way of explanation.....
Unfortunately, Stark's magnificent Indycar is a complete loss.
12. One of the coolest moments in Iron Man 2 is when Tony suits up at the race track. What device also hosted his armor?
Indycar (Transformers! Iron Men in disguise!)
Laptop computer
Money clip
By way of explanation.....
Suitcase armor is the must-have holiday gift of 2035.
13. How does Vanko escape from prison?
Justin Hammer walks him out the front door.
Potato bomb.
Stark refuses to press charges.
He has electro whip things attached to his shoulders. You do the math.
By way of explanation.....
Seriously, his mashed potatoes are a bomb with a detonator. And I'm not making a digestion joke.
14. What is the only thing Vanko asks for from Hammer during their initial fine dining experience?
Stark's poisoned heart on a platter.
Stock options. He always wanted to be a capitalist.
Traditional Russian burial for his father.
Vanko's bird.
By way of explanation.....
Apparently, you can be a homicidal maniac *and* a pet lover.
15. Right before Vanko breaks one, how much does Hammer say that it costs to build each killbot in his Iron Man-wannabe armada?
$35 million
$75 million
$125 million
$350 million
By way of explanation.....
Technically, it's $125.7 million a piece, making the last action scene in the film a multi-billion dollar loss for Hammer Tech.
16. What is Hammer's primary goal as he relays it to Vanko?
"Become the most popular playboy in the world and I need Stark out of the picture for that to happen."
"I wanna take a dump in Tony's front yard."
"Make the whole world run on Hammer Time."
"Screw Stark right in his Palladium cavity."
By way of explanation.....
Just as an fyi, you don't really need to spend millions of dollars on technology to do that, dude. All you have to do is eat lots of bran and get past the security guards.
17. Tony gets drunk and starts blowing stuff up at his own birthday party. Who ends the party by telling everyone to get out?
James Rhodes aka War Machine
Natalie Rushman aka Black Widow
Nick Fury
Pepper Potts
By way of explanation.....
Rhodey suits up as War Machine for the first time and the two duke it out at the Stark Mansion.
18. Who makes the polite request, "Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to exit the donut"?
James Rhodes aka War Machine
Nick Fury
Phil Coulson, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Stan Lee
By way of explanation.....
Fury proceeds to give Stark an injection that helps him with his blood toxicity.
19. What does Hammer name his finest weapon, the one he defines as a kinetic-kill side-winder?
The Ex-Wife
Puff the Magic Dragon
Size Matters
Uncle Gazpacho
By way of explanation.....
Hammer may not be good at his job, but the man has a fine sense of humor.
20. Tony Stark gets a pick-me-up from the video Nick Fury leaves him among a series of blueprints for the Arc Reactor. Who is featured in the video?
Howard Stark
Pepper Potts
President Nixon (from the 1960s, not in a Watchmen way)
By way of explanation.....
Trite though it may seem, Stark informs Tony that he is the greatest invention, his father's legacy. Awww.
21. Tony brings Pepper a gift in lieu of an apology. What is the gift?
Her own Iron Man armor, a suit she calls Rescue.
A promise ring. He knows it's about damned time he made the first move.
A watch, and a mega-expensive one at that.
By way of explanation.....
He trades the mega-expensive watch for the strawberries from a vendor and then he gives them to her. Note that she does have her own Rescue armor in the comic book, though.
22. What is the only thing on Earth to which Pepper Potts is allergic?
Justin Hammer
Tony Stark's charms
By way of explanation.....
Holiday season point of order: When you come bearing gifts, you should make sure that the gifts don't potentially kill the recipient.
23. What is the engraved message on the diorama Howard Stark leaves his son?
"Knowledge is power."
"The facade is a facade."
"The key to the future is here."
"Wisdom is earned, not learned."
By way of explanation.....
Better life advice would have been, "If you're going to sleep with that many women, always wear condoms, son."
24. What is the hidden item passed down from father to son?
The cure for Palladium dependency
The estimated mass of Vibranium
The structure of a new element
The measurements of Miss December, 1964 (Like father, like son)
By way of explanation.....
Howard Stark knew the details of the new element, but 1960s technology was not advanced enough to achieve its invention.
25. Which Avengers item somewhat aids in the creation of the new element from question 24?
Captain America's shield
Stark's first Iron Man suit
Thor's hammer
Black Widow's "sexy lycra outfit"
By way of explanation.....
Shockingly, none of Iron Man's tech is used in the creation of the new element, but the shield is used to level one of the pipes.
26. Who physically attacks Iron Man onstage at the Stark Expo?
James Rhodes aka War Machine
Justin Hammer
Natalie Rushman aka Black Widow
Pepper Potts, who clearly never wanted to be CEO of Stark Industries.
By way of explanation.....
When Vanko hacks the system, the War Machine armor attacks Iron Man against the will of Rhodes.
27. Who strong arms (literally) their way into making Hammer reveal that he is working with Vanko and where Vanko is located at the time?
Happy Hogan
Iron Man
James Rhodes aka War Machine
Natalie Rushman aka Black Widow
By way of explanation.....
Rushman twists Hammer's arm behind his back and makes him talk. What I take from this is that Scarlett Johansson likes to play rough.
28. In the time it takes Happy Hogan to beat up one security guy at Hammer Industries, how many does Black Widow wipe out?
All of them (except the one fighting Happy).
By way of explanation.....
Black Widow could wipe out the 1985 Chicago Bears defense. And not just because they're all in their 50s now.
29. What impact does the Ex-Wife have on Whiplash's armor?
It negates his left whip.
It shreds a segment of the leg armor.
It temporarily blinds him, allowing War Machine to get behind him.
None. It's Hammer Tech, after all.
By way of explanation.....
"Hammer Tech?" is my favorite moment in the movie.
30. Who presents Stark and Rhodes their awards for heroism?
Justin Hammer
Nick Fury
Senator Stern (Garry Shandling's character)
Steve Rogers (but not the same actor as in the Captain America movie)
By way of explanation.....
"Funny how annoying a little prick can be, isn't it." Garry Shandling is funny.

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