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How Well Do You Know: Mean Girls
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Mean Girls

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1. Saturday Night Live personality Tina Fey co-starred in and wrote the screenplay for Mean Girls. The film featured appearances by the following, except for whom?
Tim Meadows
Ana Gasteyer
Tracy Morgan
Amy Poehler
2. Cady's last name is:
3. In a scene echoed later in the film, Cady eats lunch on her first day in which unusual location?
The stall in the girls' room
Under the bleachers
In the principal's office
In a janitor's closet
4. One of Cady's first friends at school is this person, a teen described as "almost too gay to function":
5. The word that Gretchen keeps using, which she describes as "it's like slang.....from England" is:
6. The Plastics spell out a number of rules about appearance to Cady. Which of the following is one of the rules in Girl World?
The all have to wear matching lip-gloss on Mondays
They wear pink on Wednesdays
They cannot wear their hair in ponytails at all on school days
They cannot wear jeans on Fridays
7. According to Gretchen, which is, like, one of the rules of feminism?
You can't buy an outfit without asking your friends
Ex-boyfriends are off-limits to friends
You can never tell one of your friends she looks fat
You can never read an issue of Cosmo more than two months old
8. The movie takes place at _______ _________ high school:
North Shore
South Central
West Bank
East Jefferson
9. Which night is described as "The one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it"?
New Year's Eve
Valentine's Day
The night before the Spring Fling
10. Janis outlines a three-point plan for getting back at Regina on a chalk-board. The first point is "Aaron Samuels", the second is "'Hot' Body." What was the third point?
Fantastic Wardrobe
Army of Skanks
Access to Unlimited Resources
Parental Control
11. What song do the Plastics perform at the Winter Talent Show?
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Jingle Bell Rock
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
12. Regina cheats on Aaron every Thursday. Where does this transgression take place?
In the "Back Building"
In the projection room above the auditorium
In the girls' locker room
In the supply closet across from the teacher's lounge
13. Cady intentionally tanks her tests in this subject, which she's actually pretty good at, in order to get Aaron to tutor her:
World History
American History
14. Karen claims that one of her body parts can always tell when it's going to rain, or at least when it's raining. What body part is so wondrously endowed?
Her legs
Her lips
Her breasts
Her butt
15. Which one of the following was not nominated for Spring Fling Queen?
All of the above were nominated
16. With her parents out of town, Cady throws a party at her house, on the same night she was supposed to have gone to Janis's...:
Volleyball game
Dance recital
Art show
Poetry reading
17. Getting back at Cady, Regina writes something a slam about herself in her Burn Book. What phrase does Regina use?
Vacuous Bitch
Fugly Slut
Fat Whore
Snaggle-toothed Skank
18. Ms. Norbury is a victim of the Burn Book fiasco, as the girls had made what accusation about her in the book?
She seduced one of the female students
She embezzled money from the school
She was a drug pusher
Had an affair with the gym teacher
19. The school starts to tear itself apart when:
The Burn Book is stolen from Regina's house
Gretchen sabotages the Spring Fling Queen voting
The school loses the state basketball finals
Regina circulates copies of the pages from the Burn Book
20. Ms. Norbury has the girls recite an apology and then fall backwards into the arms of the other students. Who falls when the other students refuse to catch her, after saying she's sorry that the other girls are jealous of her?
21. Regina spends the last scenes of the movie in a body brace. Why?
She was hit by a school bus
She was pushed down the stairs
She was trampled by other students
She slipped in the tub
22. What is the name of the school's math competition team that Cady joins at the end of the film?
The Denominators
The Mathletes
The Factorials
Addition through Subtraction
23. Cady wins Spring Fling Queen. What does she do with the tiara?
She refuses to accept it
She gives it to Regina
She gives it to Gretchen
She breaks it into pieces and gives them to various students
24. Which is not true of the parents in the film?
Regina's mom had a boob job
Cady's parents are research zoologists
Karen's father is a weatherman
Gretchen's father invented toaster strudel
25. At the end of the film, Regina learns to channel her rage by:
Joining an all-girl punk band
Playing lacrosse
Writing poetry
Teaching a spinning class

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