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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Note
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1. During a massage, Jerry asks candidly what the worst part of being blind would be. What's his answer?
That he'd never get to see what his spouse looked like
That he'd never know how big his audience was while performing stand up
That he'd never know if there were bugs in his food
That he wouldn't be able to read Superman comics
2. After Jerry's massage, both Elaine and George are interested in getting one, too. Why?
Because Jerry seems so relaxed all of a sudden
Because they're covered by insurance with a doctor's note
Because the waiting room has great magazines
Because they're two hours long
3. George's masseuse gets close to his junk because George marked on his form that he had a tender _____.
4. George freaks out that "it moved" during the massage. Who said it? "Maybe it just wanted to change positions. You know, shift to the other side."
5. Later, George gets heated at Jerry's doctor's office when the doctor, Roy, asks George whether he "likes" his poster of this boxing champion.
Mike Tyson
Evander Holyfield
Oscar De La Hoya
Ricky Hatton
6. Kramer thinks he sees _____ at a donut shop, and Jerry doesn't believe him.
Joe DiMaggio
Yogi Berra
Bill Dickey
Reggie Jackson
7. What does Kramer learn about Joe at the donut shop?
That he drinks coffee and orange juice
That he prefers the New York Post over the New York Times
That he has a mistress
That he's a dunker
8. George gets called a Mary by some kids for doing what?
Wearing a purple sweater
Flamboyantly jumping over a puddle
Peeing standing up in a bathroom stall
Buying chapstick
9. Who said it? "I feel guilty about getting the pleasure. I feel like I don't deserve it so I talk. It stops me from enjoying it."
10. The group later confirms Kramer's Joe DiMaggio sighting when they all see him at _____.
Yankee Stadium
The post office
On the street

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