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How Well Do You Know: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
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1. Rufus (George Carlin) opens the movie talking about a distant future. What year is he talking about?
2. What is the correct spelling of Bill and Ted's band?
Wild Stallions
Wyld Stallions
Wyld Stallyns
Wild Stallyns
3. Bill and Ted both agree their band is not very good. To make the band better, they've considered each of the following, except:
A triumph video
Decent instruments
Eddie Van Halen's help
Righteous groupie babes
4. What is the name of Bill and Ted's history teacher?
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Miller
Mr. Ryan
Mr. Thomas
5. What is the only thing that Bill and Ted have learned in history?
Napoleon is 3 excellent flavors of ice cream
Caesar is a salad dressing dude
Eli Whitney is a cheesecake man
Grover Cleveland was not on Sesame Street
6. Ted's dad is a real a-hole. Where does he want to ship Ted off to?
7. Who does Ted confuse George Washington with?
Captain Crunch
Captain Ahab
Captain Kangaroo
Captain Nemo
8. "I found your keys, if you want em better come and get em!" Who said this to Captain Logan?
Deputy Bon Jovi
Deputy Axl Rose
Deputy Van Halen
Deputy Ozzy Osbourne
9. Bill repeatedly calls his step mom by her name instead of mom? What is his step mom's name?
10. Finish this phrase: "Strange things are a-foot at the....."
Mini Mart
Circle K
Seven 11
11. When Ted is talking to himself, and he gives himself two messages: to wind his watch and what else?
Send love to the princesses
Give a kiss to the princesses
Give his love to the princesses
Say hello to the princesses
12. What year did Bill and Ted visit to get Socrates?
410 B.C
522 B.C
477 B.C
615 B.C
13. Ted's brother Deacon takes Napoleon double dating. They get ice cream at a restaurant at which Napoleon is declared a:
Chunky Monkey
Ziggy Piggy
Fatty Catty
Piggy Wiggy
14. For what famous all-girl band does the actress playing Joan of Arc play?
15. Where does Deacon take Napoleon after eating ice cream?
Water park
The mall
16. What do Bill and Ted use to lure Genghis Khan into the phone booth?
Snickers bar
Moon pie
17. What do the boys call at the door of Abraham Lincoln, to trick him into answering it?
Candy gram
Pizza man
Trick or treat
18. The antenna on the phone booth breaks. Bill fixes the antenna using wads of chewed gum and what?
Butterfinger wrappers
Dr. Pepper cans
Pudding cups
Dorito's bags
19. Think hard now. In what order do Bill and Ted retrieve the historical figures?
Napoleon, Billy, Socrates, Freud, Beethoven,Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, Lincoln
Napoleon, Billy, Socrates, Beethoven, Joan of Arc, Freud, Genghis Khan, Lincoln
Napoleon, Socrates, Billy, Genghis Khan, Beethoven, Joan of Arc, Freud, Lincoln
Napoleon, Billy, Freud, Socrates, Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Beethoven, Genghis Khan
20. Bill introduces the historical figures to his mom, and lies about their real names. What name does he give to Billy the Kid?
21. Throughout the movie, Bill and Ted refer to this place where they find Napoleon. Where is it?
Water Mania
Water Works
Water World
22. While trying to bust the historical figures out of jail, Bill and Ted leave themselves a note. What did the note say?
Watch out!
Behind you!
23. Bill and Ted let the prisoners out of the jail window. What object does Ted have to remind himself to get, in order to stop his dad?
Trash can
24. Who does Ted compare Socrates to, when describing how they both lead to corruption of the youth?
Alice Cooper
Ozzy Osbourne
Gene Simmons
David Bowie
25. According to Bill, what is Beethoven's favorite album besides Mozart and Handel's?
Dr. Feelgood
Appetite for Destruction
Permanent Vacation
Slippey When Wet

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