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How Well Do You Know: Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
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1. The movie begins with the kids' mom going on vacation. Where is she heading off to?
New Zealand
2. What was the name of the cute family dog?
3. The kids have had enough of Mrs. Sturak (the babysitter). She wants to get the kids up at the butt crack of dawn to do what?
Tidy up the yard
Clean the garage
Clean up their rooms
Clean out the attic
4. When Mrs. Sturak dies, the kids leave a note for the funeral home. The tombstone at the end of the film has the same inscription. What does the note and tombstone say?
Mrs. Sturak died in her sleep
Old lady nobody killed her
Nice old lady died of natural causes
Mrs. Sturak died of natural causes
5. Zach is madly in love with Cynthia. He constantly refers to her as his:
Earth angel
Star light
Moon goddess
6. Swell has to get a job. What is the name of the restaurant she finds work at?
Fun Time Food
Clown Dog
Party Pizza Palace
Circus Burger
7. Swell can no longer take her job. She decides to quit after her boss asks her to do what?
Clean up spit balls
Clean the gum from under the tables
Wash the fat vats
Plunge the bathrooms
8. Swell decides to try and get a job at a fashion design company. What is the name of the company where she goes to work?
9. Swell applies for the receptionist job. Rose decides to hire her, and gives her what job title?
Executive marketing assistant of sales
Executive analysis assistant
Executive communication assistant
Executive administrative assistant
10. What 70's hit song that is played throughout the movie, including as the end credits roll?
L..A. Woman
Draggin the Line
Mama Told Me Not to Come
Walk this Way
11. Carolyn really hates Swell. Why is she so mad at her?
Her boyfriend thinks she's hot
For dating her brother
Carolyn and Rose use to be good friends
Swell stole her job
12. Bryan asks Swell out on a date to the beach. What does he want to show her?
Sea turtles
Migratory sea birds
13. Swell really shows her age when perverted Gus takes her out to lunch. She gets confused when the waiter ask her her if she want her drink:
With a twist
On the rocks
Straight up
Sweet or dry
14. Which drag queen steals the kids' car?
Liza Minnelli
Marilyn Monroe
15. Complete this phrase: "The ________ are done, man! "
16. The actor who plays Carolyn's jerk-off boyfriend is more famously known from what hit TV show?
The X Files
17. Where does Bryan take Swell on their second date?
The toy store
A baseball game
The movies
18. When Walter asks Kenny for help, who does Kenny tell him to ask instead?
Bob Barker
Ronald Regan
Bill Cosby
Mr. Rodgers
19. Since neither Kenny nor Bob Barker was available to help, Walter fell and broke his leg. Where does Walter fall from?
A tree
A ladder
The roof
A telephone pole
20. How much petty cash money do the kids steal from Swell?
21. Finish this phrase "Come on Kenny you didn't have to _________." "Well, it needed it."
Re-grout in the bathroom
Clean under the refrigerator
Organize the pantry by color
Whisk the couch
22. What is the name of Swell's friend, who Kenny has a mad crush on?
23. What puts a end to Swell's fashion show presentation?
Carolyn exposing Swell's real age
Bryan showing up
Rose being jealous over Gus's interest in Swell
Swell's mom coming home
24. Rose tells Swell the buyers aren't mad about Swell's age or presentation. What's the reason that Rose claims they are not mad?
They were impressed by Swell's ambition
They're a bunch of old whores
They were kids once too
They had a lot to drink
25. What school does Rose tell Swell she'll get her into?

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