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How Well Do You Know: Sons of Anarchy: Season Three
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1. "SO": Clay, to Jax: "I'll give it back when we find him. Because we are going to find him." What's Clay talking about?
Abel's shirt
Abel's hat
Abel's little shoe
Abel's tie
2. "SO": Gemma attempts to hijack a car, but is thrown out of the vehicle before she can make her escape. Gemma retaliates by stabbing the dude who caught her. Where does she get him?
The groin
The knee
The shoulder
The neck
3. "June Wedding": Clay: "Jacob Hale become mayor... Charming turns into _____."
Barbie World
Desert Island
Landlocked Riverway
Suburban Disneyland
4. "Caregiver": Jax: [asking about Opie and Lyla] Looks like you guys are working things out, huh? Opie: I can never tell. Every time I try to talk to her, we _____.
End up naked
Pull out the futon
Get nowhere
5. "Caregiver": Author _____ cameos as a creepy cleaner who disposes of the caregiver's body.
Suzanne Collins
Stephen King
Stephenie Meyer
Dan Brown
6. "Home": Tig: "Maybe you go redhead for a while." Gemma: "Christ, I'd rather _____."
Shave my head
Go blonde
Wear a hat
Kill myself
7. "Home": Who tells Gemma that Abel's in Belfast, leading to Gemma's heart attack?
Jimmy O
8. "Turning and Turning": Gemma, talking about Stahl: "There's not much more this bitch can do to me." _____: "Don't underestimate her. She's been demoted, she's desperate."
9. "Turning and Turning": Jax attempts striking a deal with Stahl by following her home. How?
The scent of her perfume
Her license plate
Calling on a neighbor
Mowing her lawn
10. "The Push": Police raid the clubhouse after they catch wind that Samcro is dealing blackmarket scripts. Jax and company can't figure out who is was, but we happen to know. Who's the rat?
11. "The Push": Tig and Kozik work side by side in taking care of the dude from Calavaras in the hospital. The problem is, when they go to kill him, Kozik does something pretty stupid. What?
He kicks him
He kisses him
He knocks him unconscious
He tears off his clothes
12. "Widening Gyre": We learn that Maureen's daughter is Jax's _____.
13. "Widening Gyre": Gemma proves there's no way she's allowing her boys to go to Belfast without her. She jailbreaks the hospital and is apparently going, too. A cover of this CCR song plays while all this is going on.
"Traveling Band"
"Susie Q"
"Proud Mary"
"Who'll Stop the Rain"
14. "Lochan Mor": Lyla uses this name to check into the clinic.
Hillary Clinton
Maria Shriver
Sarah Palin
15. "Lochan Mor": Who said it? "Drive by. Nearly deported. This is only day one."
16. "Firinne": What does "firinne" mean in Irish/Gaelic?
17. "Bainne": Jax follows around the family that has been taking care of Abel. In a surprise twist, Jax seems to let his son have that life. That is, of course, until _____.
The new parents get shot in the head
The new parents shake his baby
The new parents abandon him in a park
The new parents forget to feed him
18. "June Wedding": In a great action scene, Jax hunts down Salazar, who's wielding this weapon.
A gun
A machete
An axe
A bat
19. "NS": The show lost a significant character in the finale. Significant, as in, had been there since the first season. Who?
Agent Stahl
20. "NS": About how many people tuned into the 90-minute finale?
1.5 million
2.5 million
3.5 million
5 million

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