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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 08: The One where Nana Dies Twice
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1. What is Chandler eating at the beginning of the episode?
Fruit Loops
A Salad
Dehydrated Japanese noodles
Spaghetti with sauce and meatballs
2. Where Paolo calling Rachel from?
His apartment
3. When happens when Ross goes to kiss Nana goodbye?
He trips and accidentally lands on top of her
He sneezes
He catches a cold
She moves
4. What reminds Phoebe of her friend Debbie who passed away?
A yellow pencil
A blue pen
An orange pencil
A green pen
5. What does Ross find of his in Nana's closet?
His tap shoes
His retainer
His science books
His rock collection
6. What shoes does Rachel wear to the funeral?
Shoes from Italy
Tennis shoes
7. What game is Joey watching/listening to at the funeral?
Yankees/Red Sox
8. What causes Ross to have to take pain pills at the funeral reception?
He fell in a grave
He tripped and hit his head on a gravestone
He's drunk and says his heart aches
He accidentally took them thinking they were vitamins
9. What does Mr. Geller shout while watching the football game at the funeral reception? (One of my many favorite quotes)
"Get the ball you jackass!"
"Yes! This is the best day of my life!"
"Run! Run! Run you son of a bitch!"
"Oh now I'm depressed!"
10. Whose naked baby pictures does the gang find at the end of the episode?
Mrs. Geller's

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