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How Well Do You Know: Top Chef D.C. Recap
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1. In the season opener for Top Chef DC, the cheftestants competed in a classic mise en place race, in which they had to prep basic ingredients as quickly as possible. Which of the following tasks did they NOT have to perform?
Whip egg whites
Brunoise onions
Break down chickens
Peel potatoes
2. The elimination challenge for the first episode did not produce the type of the horrific, train-wreck dishes that we've seen from season premieres in the past (breaded, fried chile relleno stuffed with seitan, anyone?). Still, one was bad enough to send a chef packing. What did that chef cook?
Maple Mousse Napoleon
Chicken liver mousse
Deconstructed borscht
Chicken nuggets
3. In the next episode, Outside the Lunch Box, the chefs must create delicious, nutritious school lunches while staying within typical budget constraints that public schools across the country deal with every day. The winning dish made ingenious use of oatmeal. What was it?
Pork carnitas
Rice pilaf
Bread pudding
Oatmeal cookies
4. As always, desserts are dangerous menu items on Top Chef. I can't even begin to count the number of dessert dishes that have led to a chef's downfall on the show. Which school lunch dessert item got a chef sent home on the second episode?
Banana pudding with strawberries
Chocolate sherbet
Apple bread pudding
Melon skewers with yogurt foam
5. The signature event of this season occurred in the seventh episode with the theft (or not?) of the pea puree. From whom did Alex allegedly purloin the peas?
6. How many episodes did Alex last after the pea puree incident?
He was eliminated later in the same episode
By way of explanation.....
Alex was booted in the 10th episode
7. In the Outside the Lunch Box episode, Angelo was part of the winning team in the Quickfire. To whom was Angelo joined, so that each member in the pair could only use one hand?
8. The Room Service episode was somewhat odd in that the winners of the challenge were a team that had not secured safety in either of the first two rounds. Which of these teams were safe after having cooked breakfast?
Amanda and Stephen
Kenny and Kevin
Angelo and Tamesha
Alex and Ed
By way of explanation.....
Looking back on it, Amanda and Stephen being safe after breakfast was a rather huge upset
9. Which previous Top Chef contestant was not on the guest judging panel for the Room Service elimination challenge?
Spike Mendelsohn
Eli Kirshtein
Mike Isabella
Bryan Voltaggio
10. Eric Ripert filled in capably as a judge this season. What is Ripert's flagship NYC restaurant?
Le Bernardin
Per Se
Jean Georges
11. At the time of taping, two of the cheftestants resided in Colorado. Who were they?
Tiffany and Tamesha
Arnold and Kenny
Tiffany and Kelly
Kelly and Kenny
12. In Farm Policy, the chefs had to use an ingredient that is a local favorite of the DC area in to prepare their Quickfire dish. What was it?
Blue crabs
Virginia ham
Striped bass
Sweet corn
13. Which contestant won the elimination challenge one week, only to be sent home the next?
By way of explanation.....
Arnold won the third episode, only to be axed along with Lynne the following week
14. One of the bigger surprises of the season, given the degree to which he was built up to be a main challenger to Angelo, was the somewhat early departure of Kenny. Each of the chefs listed below lasted longer than Kenny, except for:
15. The Cold War episode was fittingly named, not just because the chefs had to prepare cold dishes. Which contestant prickled when Michelle Bernstein, with whom he/she had a somewhat contentious previous relationship, was unveiled as the guest judge?
16. Kenny described himself as the _______ in the kitchen:
17. One of the better visual highlights of the season was Ed prancing around in one of Tiffany's dresses. What color was the dress in question?
18. In the Power Lunch recipe, chefs had to create a dish served on a toothpick. In the course of the Quickfire, we learned about the Toothpick Rule, which says that:
Toothpicks can correctly and easily verify the doneness levels of meat
Congressmen cannot accept meals from lobbyists unless they can be eaten on a toothpick
Congressional dining facilities can only use certifiably organic eating implements and dishes
The Founding Fathers used three splinters of wood to outline the separation of powers between the branches of government
19. In the Restaurant Wars episode, one of the restaurants incorporated which number in its name?
20. In Covert Cuisine, which guest judge chef was left behind at the table as fellow guest judge Leon Panetta was whisked away to attend to matters of vital national importance?
Wiley Dufresne
Macus Samuelsson
Jonathan Waxman
Patrick O'Connell
21. In the Making Concessions Quickfire, the contestants had to make a dish based on a common food idiom. Which of the following was not one of the idioms represented?
Spill the Beans
Bigger Fish to Fry
Sour Grapes
All Your Eggs in One Basket
22. Amanda was sent packing at the end of Making Concessions because of her poorly thought-out preparation of which fish?
Kona kampachi
23. Which famous astronaut was on-hand to assist in judging the dish that would be sent to the International Space Station?
John Glenn
Jim Lovell
Buzz Aldrin
Neil Armstrong
24. Three of these chefs were axed without having one a single elimination challenge. Which of the following had at least one win to his/her credit?
25. Woe to the contestant cut loose in the episode before the survivors left the USA for the finale - in this case:
26. An anagram of the country that played host to the two-part finale is:
Hand tail
Mat vine
Prison age
A coma bid
By way of explanation.....
(Singapore) - the other options refer to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia
27. Of the final four contestants, who had won the *least* number of elimination challenges while action was set in Washington?
28. The first and last contestants that appear in the opening credits are:
Tiffany and Arnold
Andrea and Alex
Timothy and Arnold
Jacqueline and Tamesha
29. During the first of the two parts of the finale, Padma all but beat ________ round the head and shoulders as s/he fessed up to never having used _______:
Kevin / a wok
Kelly / curry
Ed / chopsticks
Angelo / chili oil
30. In the second part of the finale, which of the final three had previously worked with one of the Top Chef alums brought in to assist?
Ed had worked with Ilan
Kevin had worked with Michael Voltaggio
Angelo had worked with Hung
Ed had worked with Michael Voltaggio

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