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How Well Do You Know: Jumanji
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1. In the first scene, we see two kids hiding the game. What year what is?
2. How did the first kids hide the game?
Threw it in a lake
They put it in city dump
They buried it
Threw it off a cliff
3. In which city and state where the movie is set?
Danbury, Maine
Cumberland, Rhode Island
Oxford, Connecticut
Brantford, New Hampshire
4. Alan's dad owns the largest factory in town. What do they make there?
Glass ware
5. Alan gets jumped by a bunch of punks from his school. Why did they beat him up?
To take his lunch money
Because he's a wimpy dork
For talking to a girl
For accidentally bumping into them
6. Where does Alan's dad want to send Alan away to?
Cliffside School for Boys
St. Catherine's Prep School
A military academy
Laudamere's Boarding School
7. When Alan and Sarah start playing the game, Alan gets sucked into it. Alan's turn said, In the jungle you must wait till the dice roll _________ or 8?
8. After Alan is sucked into the board game, Sarah is chased out of the house by what?
9. How many years did Alan end up waiting in the jungle?
10. What do the townspeople think happened to Alan Parrish?
He ran away
Strangers killed him
His dad killed him
He was kidnapped
11. Judy and Peter's parents were killed in a car accident. What does Judy tell people what happened to them?
They were killed sky diving
They drowned in a yachting accident
They were shot in Borneo
Tigers mauled them in India
12. Judy and Peter suffer psychological trauma after their parents die. They act out in these ways:
She steals and he's aggressive
She won't speak and he steals
She's aggressive and he lies
She lies and he won't speak
13. What is the first thing to come out of the game when Judy and Peter are playing?
A lion
14. Alan looks like a wild man after spending all those years in the jungle. Where does Judy tell people Alan has been hiding?
New Guinea
15. Alan cleans up real nice, except he's never shaved before. He comes out of the bathroom with lots of cuts on his face. Judy asks, "What did you shave with, ____________?"
A cheese grader
A steak knife
A rock
16. What use to be officer Carl's nickname ?
Soul man
High top
Quick Carl
17. What does grownup Sarah now do for a living?
Sales clerk
Dog walker
Living on disability
18. When Van Pelt (the hunter) is chasing Sarah, Peter and Judy, In what store do they defend themselves?
Big Lots
K Mart
19. What is the correct order of things, that come out of Jumanji?
Mosquitoes, monkeys, Alan, tiger, Hunter, stampede, vines, monsoons, spiders, quicksand, earthquake
Tiger, monkeys, mosquitoes, Alan, stampede, Hunter, monsoons, spiders, vines, earthquake, quicksand
Mosquitoes, monkeys, tiger, Alan, vines, Hunter, stampede, monsoons, quicksand, spiders, earthquake
Monkeys, tiger, Alan, tiger, Hunter, stampede, mosquitoes,monsoons, spiders, quicksand, earthquake
20. What apparently happens when you cheat while playing Jumanji?
You start all over again
You get sent to the jungle
You're out of the game
You become a monkey
21. They grow much faster than bamboo, so take care or they'll come after you. The flowers that emerge from the game are very deadly. Alan says to especially stay away from:
The big yellow ones
The purple and red ones
The small pink ones
The big orange ones
22. Carl's cop car suffers significant trauma. What finally puts a end to the car?
The monkeys
The vines
Driving into the store
Getting shot by the hunter
23. Alan tells Peter to be a man and stop crying. What is Peter crying about?
Alan yelling at him
Becoming a monkey
His tail is stuck in his pants
Van Pelt trying to kill him
24. What happens to Judy right before Alan calls out Jumanji?
She gets caught in quicksand
She falls from the attic
She dies from flower darts
She gets bit from spiders
25. After Alan and Sarah throw away the game, where does it end up next?
On the beach
In a lake
In the desert
In the woods

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