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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 1 Episode 02: The Series Has Landed
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In the Planet Express commercial, to whom is the package being delivered?
Doctor Leech
Rupert Murdoch’s Head
Mr Horrible Gelatinous Bob
the Pain Monster
Hermes gives Leela a standard release form to protect Planet Express from lawsuits in the event of the unforeseen. The unforeseen apparently includes all of the following except:
death by airlock failure
death by sonic diarrhea
death by space dementia
death by brain parasite
Fry’s never going to get used to the 31st century. Of the following, what is not available for breakfast
Scrambled coffee
Caffeinated bacon
Baconated grapefruit
Admiral Crunch
Before Fry goes into space, he has to see the Planet Express staff doctor. What does the Professor think is strange about Dr. Zoidberg?
he watches golf on TV
he wears sandals
he is superstitious
he writes letters to the editor
Why does Professor Farnsworth like having Amy around?
it takes him back to when he was eighty years younger, and eighty
she’s handy to have around if he is ever indicted for reckless breaches of safety regulations
he needs to check regularly whether his libido is still working. Oh dear… still nothing
she has the same blood type as him
Fry’s first delivery is to Luna Park on the Moon! What is the name the Luna Park’s mascot who confiscates Bender’s alcohol?
Moon Pie
Magnets screw up Bender’s inhibition unit. Turns out Bender wants to be:
a mime
a belly dancer
a magician
a folk singer
The Sexateria is located in:
Salt Lake City
The first astronaut wasn’t an astronaut at all, and was using space travel as a metaphor for:
his dream of becoming President
how he felt about black people
beating his wife
What game do we see Amy playing?
Virtual Virtual Skee-Ball
Virtual Virtual Foosball
Virtual Virtual Bowling
Virtual Virtual Air Hockey
No one knows where, when or how Man first landed on the Moon, but Luna Park’s fun-gineers think it might have involved
Bender vows to start his own theme park:
with martinis and strippers
with slot machines and floozies
with blackjack and hookers
with cigars and hoochie-mamas
On the moon’s surface, Fry and Leela meet a farmer, who says they can sleep in the barn so long as they don’t go a-touching his three beautiful robot daughters. Which is not one of them?
Eleanor 64
Lulubelle 7
Daisy Mae 128K
the Crushinator
The Lunar Lander was placed on the Moon by:
those bastards from Space Mountain
the Luna Park Whalers
the Historical Sticklers Society
Bender is picked up by the Planet Express ship’s magnetic winch. What folk song does he sing?
She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain
Old Macdonald Had a Farm
I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
If I Had A Hammer

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