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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 07: The One with the Blackout
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1. What does Phoebe say after the lights go out?
Oh no
I did it. I totally did it!
Okay, thank you very much
2. Where does Chandler get stuck?
An elevator
A library
An ATM vestibule
The gym
3. Who does he get stuck with?
Jill Goodacre
Jill Goodwrench
Jill Goodyear
Jill Goodyard
4. What does Joey bring over to Monica's for light?
A flashlight
A menorah
One match
5. What was Phoebe's answer to the weirdest place she had ever slept with somebody?
The foot of the bed
A pool table
6. Why does Chandler first reject Jill's offer of gum?
It's not sugarless
He's too nervous to approach her
He already has some
It's not Juicy Fruit
7. Why doesn't Ross get a chance to ask out Rachel on the terrace?
The lights came on
The gang interrupts them to come play monopoly
A cat attacks Ross
A pigeon flies onto the balcony
8. This is the first episode we meet Monica and Rachel's neighbor from downstairs. What is his name?
Mr. Jeckles
Mr. Heckles
Mr. Meckles
9. Who does the cat that attacked Ross belong to?
Mr. Heckles
10. What do we first see when the lights come back on?
Rachel and Paolo kissing
Rachel and Ross kissing
Phoebe still playing Monopoly
Monica cleaning in the dark

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