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How Well Do You Know: The Bourne Supremacy
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1. The movie begins with Jason Bourne having fevered dreams about what event from his past?
Events leading up to his introduction to Marie.
His first mission as a member of Treadstone.
His time as a trainee at the military installation.
The moments leading up to his memory loss.
2. Jason and Marie's home in Goa has to be abandoned when what occurs?
Ben Affleck calls and says he wants his soul mate to come back.
Special agent Pamela Landry unearths Bourne's whereabouts and sends a team in to retrieve him.
Russian agent Kirill finds the couple and attempts to kill them both.
Their real estate agent recognizes them on the news.
3. A character from the first movie is killed off early in The Bourne Supremacy. Who is it?
Nykwana Wombosi
4. Bourne keeps one item of Marie's. What is it?
Her car
Her passport
Locket of her hair
Picture of the couple
5. In Berlin, director Pamela Landry has failed to retrieve the Neski Files as well as the $3 million used to purchase said documents. What is her only clue as to what went wrong?
A fingerprint of Jason Bourne left on an unused detonation box.
'Jason Bourne' is written in blood on the floor beside the victim.
Kirill is caught on camera as he commits the crimes.
Ward Abbott's interrogation leads her to believe he's responsible for the crimes.
6. How does Pamela discover Bourne's location?
Bourne intentionally uses his passport in order to alert his pursuers to his location.
DNA tracking identifies him at a depot in Naples.
Naples super-agent John Nevins doggedly tracks him down.
She never does. He comes to her.
7. When asked about her knowledge of Bourne's "first mistake", Nicky says what?
"He's a machine. If you want to think like him, you'd need to speak binary."
"Everyone in that building will die."
"It's not a mistake. They don't make mistakes."
"Jason Bourne assaulted me the last time I saw him. No one wants to see him dead more than I do."
8. What is his Bourne's main objective in Munich?
He wants to talk Steven Spielberg out of making that Olympics movie so damned long.
Kirill's GPS has directions to an area there.
Landry and Ward both have residences in the city that could have intel.
Other former Treadstone agent Jarda lives there and Bourne wants to interrogate him.
9. As Bourne interrogates Jarda, the other Treadstone agent says, "Word in the ether was you'd lost your memory." What is Bourne's reply?
"I still remember how to pull a trigger."
"It's about to be over. We're the last two."
"Why did you kill her? What did she ever do to you? To anyone?"
"You still should have moved."
10. Who does Bourne believe ordered his assassination?
Pamela Landry
Ward Abbott
11. When Bourne calls Landry the first time, where is he located?
Right across the street from her at Langley
12. Who does Nicky say was the leader of Treadstone?
Dick Cheney
Alexander Conklin
Pamela Landry
Ward Abbott
13. Where does Nicky say Bourne did his first job?
Euro Disney
14. 'Heel turn' is wrestling terminology indicating when a previously good person does something to prove themselves to be a bad guy. Who makes a heel turn in The Bourne Supremacy?
Ward Abbott
Jason Bourne
Pamela Landry
Irena Neski
15. Ward Abbott's assistant, Danny Zorn, makes a discovery involving the bombs Bourne had allegedly placed in the building. The end result is that he proves Bourne was framed. Abbott immediately does what after this?
He calls Bourne and indicates they need to meet.
He kills Danny.
He warns Pamela that there is a traitor in their midst.
The Lambada.
16. Bourne's intermittent flashbacks eventually trigger a memory that he once did what?
Fought Kirill in Geneva.
Killed a married couple on his first mission.
Penetrated a military installation in Moscow.
Watched a movie he could identify with...Memento.
17. When confronted, who does Abbott claim killed Marie?
Abbott did it by ordering the hit
Bourne himself, the instant he entered her life
Yuri Gretkov, a Russian oil baron
Kirill, the man who pulled the trigger
18. When Gretkov notifies Kirill that Bourne is alive, where is the assassin currently located?
Irena Neski's Apartment
Russian State Bureau
Strip Club
19. Who kills Ward Abbott?
Ward Abbott
Jason Bourne
20. How does Kirill manage to avoid the Russian police when they approach him?
An explosion goes off behind them, allowing him to get the drop on them.
He does a mean Master Chief impersonation in slaying eight of them.
Kirill *is* Russian police...Secret Service, to be exact.
Sue Richards, the Invisible Woman, is a close, personal friend.
21. Jason Bourne's act of closure at the end of the movie is to do what?
Asks Robin Williams to tell him, "It's not your fault."
Buries Marie and burn all of her personal memorabilia.
Finds Irena Neski and apologizes for killing her parents.
Spits on Kirill's corpse.
22. What does Bourne say to Landry at the end of the movie?
"Are you seeing anybody?"
"I guess I owe you an apology."
"What's my real name?"
"Get some rest, Pam. You look tired."
23. What is Jason Bourne's real name?
Tom Cronin
"Matt Damon!"
Gabriel Mann
David Webb
24. How does Bourne manage to avoid the Russian police when they approach him?
An explosion goes off behind them, allowing him to get the drop on them.
Bourne *is* Russian police...Secret Service, to be exact.
Bourne spits vodka in their faces.
Nothing says respect to a Russian policeman like a cash bribe.
25. The Bourne Identity opened to $27.1 million and made $121.5 million in domestic receipts. How did The Bourne Supremacy do?
It opened to $52.5 million and earned $176.0 million.
It opened to $63.1 million and earned $194.8 million.
It opened to $48.7 million and earned $206.2 million.
Titanic's records are no more. Nuff said.

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