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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 05: The One with the East German Laundry Detergent
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1. What blows Joey's mind at the beginning of the episode?
Guys can pee standing up
Girls can see breasts whenever they want
The new cinnamon raisin bagels
Rachel having a job
2. What are Phoebe and Chandler's plans for Saturday night?
They're going on a date
They're going shopping for Chandler's dad
They're both breaking up with their significant others
They're the only ones that don't have plans Saturday
3. Who does Joey ask out on a double date with him and Monica?
4. What are Ross and Rachel going to do Saturday night?
Washing the dishes
Cleaning Rachel and Monica's apartment
Watching Chandler and Phoebe break up with their significant others
Doing their laundry
5. This is the first time we see Chandler's on again/off again girlfriend Janice who is played by:
Fran Drescher
Laura San Giocomo
Maggie Wheeler
Megan Mullally
6. What is the name of the German laundry detergent Ross uses?
7. What happened to Rachel's clothes?
They were stolen
The washing machine ripped them into shreds
They were turned pink
She doesn't know where they are
8. What did Joey and Monica do on their double date?
They got stood up
They broke up the couple they went with
They went to an arcade
They got lost
9. What does Rachel do that makes Ross hit his head on one of the machines?
Kisses him
Shows him her underwear
Yells at him
Flashes him
10. How does Chandler finally break up with Janice?
He just tells her
He runs away
He writes her a note
He doesn't - Phoebe does for him

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