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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 04: The One with George Stephanopoulos
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1. What would Joey do if he were omnipotent?
Become King of the world
Get surgery
Kill himself
Buy his own country
2. What is Phoebe doing when we first see her at Central Perk?
3. Chandler and Joey want to take Ross to a Rangers game. Who are they playing?
4. Why is Ross depressed throughout the whole episode?
It was the anniversary of the day that Carol and Ross first kissed
It was the anniversary of the day that Carol and Ross first had sex
It was Carol and Ross's anniversary
It was Monday...nobody likes Mondays
5. While the guys are at the game, what are the girls doing?
Having a slumber party
Going to the movies
Trashing the guys' apartments
6. Why does Ross end up in the emergency room?
He slipped and fell down the stairs at the game
One of the hockey players hit him
He gets hit with the puck
He gets hit with a broken hockey stick
7. What kind of pizza did the girls order?
Fat free crust with extra cheese
One mushroom, green pepper and onion
One vegetarian
One thin crust, fat free crust, light sauce with olives on top
8. Why do the girls end up out on the terrace?
Their watching the sunset
They're watching ugly naked guy
They're playing twister
They're spying on George Stephanopoulos
9. What happens that makes Ross say, "Now that was fun!"
He gets a lot of painkillers
The puck accidentally hits the receptionist
He kicks the vending machine and a lot of soda cans come out
Ross, Chandler and Joey wheelchair race down the hospital hall
10. What game does the gang play at the end of the episode?
Strip Poker

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