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How Well Do You Know: Let The Right One In
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1. What is the country of origin for this wicked little vampire tale?
2. When the film was initially released on DVD, what controversy sprung up surrounding the first version?
A brief shot of Eli's naked groin was removed
PETA successfully got scenes involving cats shortened
The subtitles were changed from the theatrical release for the worse
It was accidentally released in the wrong region format and was unplayable
3. The answer to the last question was that the subtitles were changed. Sadly for this quiz, I'm having to use those inferior subtitles since I don't have an updated copy. Hopefully that will not cause many problems. Like, take this question: Right out of the gate what movie is referenced by Oskar's first words?
Interview with a Vampire
4. How does Haken acquire the blood Eli needs?
Tricks young men to visiting the apartment, jumps, then drains them
Drugs them with an inhaled anesthetic, hangs, then drains them
Hits them with his car to knock them out, cuts them, then drains them
He doesn't. He actually doesn't approve of Eli drinking human blood
5. What's the general consensuses of the first interaction between Eli and Oskar in the playground outside their apartment building?
Eli tells Oskar she loves him immediately
Eli wants Oskar to help her acquire a meal
Eli says under no circumstances can they be friends
Eli reveals she is a vampire
6. A toy becomes the focal point of their second more involved interaction. What is it?
A pinwheel
A naked and headless Ken doll
A retractable fake knife
A Rubik's Cube
7. Where do we finally first get to see Eli in full killer vampire action?
At Oskar's school when she bites a teacher he hates
Under a bridge when she tricks a man into helping her
In her apartment when she tackles Haken's latest unsuspecting visitor
By a half-frozen stream when she bites Oskar but doesn't kill him
8. What is the perhaps ironic name of the restaurant where the townspeople gather to gossip?
Snow Palace
Sun Palace
Happy's Place
Big Bites
9. During class while the teacher is reading The Hobbit, what subject is Oskar more interested in studying?
Reports on famous serial killers
The lyrics to Moressey's "Let the Right One Slip In"
Samuel Morse and his communication code
Photographs Eli has given him
10. What happens when Oskar shares some chocolates with Eli as the pair start hanging out more often together?
She eats them all; she loves them so much
She refuses Oskar's gift making him run back home
She accidentally bites his fingers as he feeds her
She gets sick
11. Haken, who apparently is the world's sloppiest serial killer, ends up having to take the easy way out once some boys discover his latest would-be victim. How does this turn out for him?
Pours acid on himself so he wouldn't be recognized upon apprehension
Overdoses on his anesthetic and slips into a coma never to awake
Hangs himself and dies
Cut his wrists and dies
12. The answer to the last question was that he pours acid on himself because Haken is hardcore! But then, how does he die?
Eli comes to the hospital and finishes him off
Eli asks Oskar to turn off his breathing machines because she can't do it
Hangs himself and dies
Cut his wrists and dies
13. What does Eli reveal after she is invited in to not only Oskar's room but bed and he asks if they can be together?
She tells him she's a vampire
She tells him her father is dead
She tells him she is not a girl
She tells him she is moving away
14. Everyone is screaming when the kids go on a field trip to skate a frozen pond. What combination of things create such reactions?
Oskar strikes at his bully first and young kids fall through thin ice
Oskar strikes at his bully first and young kids have found Jocke's dead body
Oskar falls through thin ice and Eli comes to rescue him but is hurt by the sunlight
Eli comes to tell Oskar he can't be with him after all and young kids have found Jocke's dead body
15. Now that Eli is attacking people at random, who does he attack, but not finish off, causing them to turn?
16. Where do Eli and Oskar share the scene when it's finally revealed he is a vampire?
In Eli's apartment separated by a glass door
In Oskar's bed when they share it a second time
On the playground outside their apartment building
It is never said outright, Oskar just accepts it
17. How does Virgina deal with being a vampire?
She drains some cats and leaves the city
She drains some cats, gets taken to a mental hospital, and then immolates in the sun
She seeks out Eli and tries to kill him
She asks her husband to stake her
18. What happens to Eli if he enters a home without being invited?
Nothing, it's just a silly superstition
He simply cannot
He starts bleeding profusely
He loses control of his hunger and attacks anyone in sight
19. When Eli is threatened by Virgina's husband with a knife, Oskar is there with his own knife in hand to defend him. What happens?
Oskar stabs him while Eli lunges for his neck and they kill him together
Oskar is stabbed by him, Eli attacks him, but he gets away
Eli springs up and attacks and Oskar watches him kill the man
Eli springs up and attacks but Oskar does NOT watch him kill the man
20. Where does the film have its climatic (and killer) juxtaposition between Oskar being bullied and Eli being his protector?
The playground outside the apartments
The woods where Haken killed his first victim
The frozen pond where the body was found
The school's pool

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