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How Well Do You Know: Cool Runnings
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1. In what year was the 15th annual winter Olympics held?
2. Derice, Junior and Yul Brenner try out for what track event?
400 meter run
50 meter run
200 meter run
100 meter run
3. Sanka already participates in this fast-paced sport:
Bicycle races
Push cart races
Wheel chair races
4. Irv announces to everyone that your bones will not break in a bobsled....instead they will:
Be turned to Jello
5. What does Derice promise to Sanka in order to get him to agree to join the team?
A Wheaties box photo
A gold medal
Female fans
6. What does Junior's dad want him to do for a living?
Be a doctor
Be a lawyer
Be an accountant
Be a broker
7. Sanka, Derice and Yul Brenner have to raise money for their trip to the Olympics. What DON'T they do to raise money?
Hold an auction
Have a kissing booth
Arm wrestle
Sing a song
8. What does Junior do to raise money?
Sell his Rolex watch
Sell his car
Use his college tuition
Take money out of his savings
9. In which Canadian city were the 1988 winter Olympics held?
10. What is Sanka's lucky item which he always wears?
A stone
An egg
A scarf
A old turnip
11. What team does Derice become obsessed with imitating?
The Swiss
The French
The German
The Italians
12. Sanka and Derice have a little inside joke between them. When ever one or the others hurt, they ask each other what?
Are you still kicking?
Can you see the white light?
Are you still breathing?
Are you dead, man?
13. The Jamaicans come to the Olympics to bobsled without a bobsled. They have to buy one from the American team. How much did they pay for their bobsled?
14. Yul Brenner has a beautiful dream home. Where does Yul want to live someday?
Taj Mahal
Mansion in Beverly Hills
Buckingham Palace
Windsor Castle
15. Yul teaches Junior to have confidence in himself. When Junior looks in the mirror, he should say this to himself: "I see pride, __________ and a bad ass mother, who doesn't take crap from nobody.
16. The Jamaicans go to a country western bar and get into a bar fight. Who did they get into a fight with?
The German bobsledders
Boyfriends of the girls that they were dancing with.
The Swiss bobsledders
Rednecks who didn't want Jamaicans in their bar
17. What is the name Junior suggests for the name of their bobsled?
18. What does the name Cool Runnings mean in Jamaica?
Confidence will drive you
A lighted path along the road
God favors the brave
Peace be the journey
19. Why did the Jamaican bobsled team crash?
The blade came loose
The brakes failed
The cable's broke
A screw came loose
20. There are plenty of factual errors in the movie. Which statement is actually true?
The bobsled team was made of sprinters
They had no money for their own bobsled
There was a cheating scandal with the coach
They carried their bobsled to the finish line, after the wreck

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