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How Well Do You Know: Rear Window
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I think she's trying to tell you something, Jeff.

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The question about what is Lisa reading shows an incorrect answer. The book she is pretending to read is "Beyond The High Himalayas" not "To The High Himalayas".
buck laughlin 1/16/12 12:07 pm


1. How did Jefferies break his leg?
He was hurt while on assignment in Asia
He was injured at a car race
He fell down a flight of stairs
He had a car accident
2. Where in New York City does Jefferies live?
Upper East Side
Greenwich Village
Lower East Side
3. What is the name of the sculpture which the woman living across the courtyard from Jefferies is working on?
4. Why doesn't Jeff think he should marry Lisa?
Lisa's father disapproves of him
He's still in love with his last girlfriend
She doesn't love him
Their lifestyles are too different
5. Jefferies is shocked when Lisa tells him the dress she is wearing cost how much?
6. What song is playing when we first see Miss Lonelyhearts?
"I'll Be Seeing You"
"I'm Through With Love
"To See You is to Love You"
"Moonlight Becomes You"
7. Where does Hitchcock make his cameo?
Tuning a clock in the songwriter's apartment
Walking his dog on the street
As a guest at a party in the songwriter's apartment
As the landlord in Thorwald's apartment building
8. Miss Lonelyhearts is always seen wearing what color?
9. Lisa is suspicious because she doesn't believe Mrs. Thorwald would have left behind what?
Her favorite handbag
Her wedding ring
Her jewelry
All of the above
10. What is the name of the town that Detective Doyle believes Mrs. Thorwald has taken a trip to?
11. Which of the objects does Jeff NOT use in his neighbor-watching?
A camera with a telephoto lens
A telescope
He uses all of these
12. How does Miss Lonelyhearts plan on committing suicide?
Taking too many sleeping pills
Shooting herself
Hanging herself
Leaving her gas stove on
13. What do Lisa and Stella find when they dig up the flower bed?
Mrs. Thorwald's head
Mrs. Thorwald's hand
Mrs. Thorwald's corpse
14. What item does Jefferies use to try and protect himself against Thorwald?
A gun
A knife
Flash bulbs
His binoculars
15. What is the name of the book Lisa is reading in the final shot of the film?
"To the High Himalayas"
"Seeing is Believing"
"The Wedding"
She isn't reading anything

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