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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 01: Pilot
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1. Why did Carol and Ross get divorced?
Ross cheated on her
Carol is a lesbian
Carol cheated on him
Carol wants to focus on her job
2. What does Chandler say when Rachel enters Central Perk?
"And I just want a million dollars!"
"I do!"
"How did you do that?"
"And here comes the bride!"
3. Where did Monica, Rachel and Ross go to high school?
Washington High
Lincoln High
Jefferson High
Franklin High
4. Who does Monica have a date with?
Mark The Shark
Paul The Wine Guy
5. Finish the lyric, "Love is sweet as summer showers, love is a wondrous work of art, but your love oh your love, your like a giant pigeon ______"
"Flying to my soul."
"...Nothing rhymes with Pigeon, la la la la."
"Crapping on my heart."
"Who I feed at the park."
6. What card does Rachel cut first?
Library Card
Drivers License
American Express
7. What item belonging to Paul does Monica break?
His glasses
His toothbrush
A frame with his picture in it
His watch
8. How did she break it?
Snapped it
Threw it into the street
Stomped on it
Threw it in the garbage disposal
9. Where does Rachel get a job?
Central Perk
Monica's restaurant
10. Finish the quote by Chandler: "Okay, so, I'm in Las Vegas... I'm ______."
Hilary Clinton
Wayne Newton
Liza Minelli
Playing the slots

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