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How Well Do You Know: Pee-wee's Big Adventure
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1. When Pee-wee gets up in the morning, the scale advises him: don't leave the house today from the scale. How much did Pee-wee weigh?
99 pounds
101 pounds
98 pounds
100 pounds
2. What is the name of Pee-wee's cute doggy?
3. Francis asks Pee-wee to guess what he wants for his birthday. What does Pee Wee guess Francis wants?
His bike
A new brain
A happy meal
Bigger pants
4. Where does Dottie want Pee-wee to take her?
To the drive-in
To the opera
To the lake
To the movies
5. Pee-wee buys a number of items at the magic shop. Which of the following isn't one of the purchases?
Head light glasses
Trick gum
Super stink bomb
Boomerang bowtie
6. Pee-wee's friend Chuck:
Is Francis's dad
Is one of the kids on the BMX team
Owns the magic shop
Owns Bike-a-Rama
7. When Pee-wee first goes to the cops, who does he think stole his bike?
The Soviets
The mob
Kidnappers wanting a ransom
8. Francis's dad tells Pee-wee, "Francis couldn't have stole your bike he's been busy ________ all day."
Building a castle with his legos
Setting up his train set
Playing with his new puppy
Playing in his fort
9. At Pee-wee's big meeting in his basement he asks, "Is this something you can share with the rest of us _____________?"
Fantastic Freddy
Jumping Harry
Amazing Larry
Gorgeous Glen
10. What bad thing did Mickey do to get put in the big house?
Ate grapes in the grocery store before paying for them
Did not return a book to Library
Jay walked
Cut a do-not-remove tag from a mattress
11. Large Marge says, "There was a sound like a _______ fell off the Empire State building."
Garbage truck
Dump truck
12. Pee-wee's wallet is gone, and he has to wash dishes. Simone tells him, "I think you've worked off that _________."
Cheeseburger, fries
Tuna platter, milkshake
BLT, ice cream sundae
Chicken salad, coke
13. Where does Simone want to move to?
Venice, Italy
Rome, Italy
Paris, France
London, England
14. Simone's boyfriend comes after Pee-wee. What's his name?
15. Pee-wee has a bad dream that __________ eats his bike.
A shark
A dinosaur
A tiger
An alligator
16. Pee-wee sings each of the following songs with his homeless railroad companion, except for:
Skip to Lou My Darling
Oh Susanna
She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain
17. Okay, here's a easy one. Finish this phrase: "There's no _________ in the Alamo."
Mud room
18. What was the name of the bull that Pee-wee is put on?
19. Pee-wee rides the bull at the rodeo because he is mistaken for:
Jacob Barnes
Lloyd Fletcher
Calvin Werner
Jimmy Thompson
20. What is the name of the motorcycle gang that Pee Wee runs into at the bar?
Satan's Helpers
Devil's Horses
Demon Warriors
Knights of Hell
21. The mad bikers want to do all of the following to Pee-wee, except:
Hang him
Stomp him
Burn him
Tattoo him
22. What movie studio is Pee-wee's bike at?
Warner Brothers
23. Pee-wee sneaks on to a movie set to get his bike back, disguised as:
A nurse
A security guard
A construction worker
A nun
24. What does Rusty sell to purchase his new bike?
Magazine subscriptions
Mary Kay
25. When Pee-wee is trying to escape his pursuers, he runs through sets for each of the following except for:
A Christmas movie
An outer space movie
A beach party movie
A Godzilla movie
26. Who is the band Pee-wee interrupts as they make their music video?
Skid Row
Twisted Sister
27. When the pet shop is burning down, what is the last thing Pee-wee wants to save?
A tarantula
28. What role does Pee-wee play in the movie about his adventures?
The waiter
A janitor
Bell hop
Bus boy
29. Where does Pee-wee hide the weapon that he gives to Mickey?
In a hot dog
In nachos
In popcorn
In cotton candy
30. What relatively unknown (at the time) comedian, plays a reporter at the end of the movie?
Dana Carvey
Phil Hartman
Mike Meyers
David Spade

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