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How Well Do You Know: Ernest Goes to Camp
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1. When we first see Ernest on screen, what is he fixing in the camp?
A lawn mower
The toilets
A picnic table
The camp's sign
2. What is the name of the camp?
Kamp Killoqua
Kamp Kikakee
Kamp Keyauwee
Kamp Ko-wa-kan
3. Throughout the entire movie, there's a piece of machinery that runs by its self. What is it?
A tractor
A push lawn mower
A motorized cart
A riding lawn mower
4. What is the camp theme song, that is sung by the campers and Ernest?
Happy Together
You've Got a Friend
With A Little Help from My Friends
Stand by Me
5. What is Ernest most afraid of in the world?
6. Throughout the entire movie, the camp director, Mr. Tipton, repeatedly says what phrase?
So far so good
Least nobody got hurt
That's not Kamp Kikakee style
Least everybody's okay
7. When a young brave is ready to become a warrior, he must past three test. Which test DOSEN'T happen?
If he has faith in the great one, the knife would not cut him
If he has courage, the rock would not break him
If he is pure of heart, the arrow could not catch him
If he is brave, the blade would not pierce him
8. What is the name given to the juvenile delinquents?
Next chance boys
Last chance boys
Second chance boys
No chance boys
9. Ernest meets a colorful bunch of second-chance kids. Crutchfield, one of the boys, gives Ernest a gift of:
A switch blade
A stolen watch
A cigarette
Somebody's wallet
10. What's the name of the runt of the group?
11. The second-chance boys get into a fight in the mess hall with some snobby boys. What is their punishment for fighting?
Digging a ditch
Cleaning bathrooms
Picking up rocks
Chopping wood
12. What is the name of the old Indian/grandfather who owns the land the camp is on?
Chief St. River
Chief Black Feather
Chief St. Cloud
Chief Eagle Eyes
13. The Krader company wants the land the camp is on. What do they want to do with the land?
Build condominiums
Mine for minerals
Build a highway
Mine for copper
14. The camp counselor throws Moose into the water, even though he can't swim. What does he call this method of teaching children to swim?
The Spencer way
The Stennis way
Stenson way
Staniel Way
15. Ernest claims to have group leadership experience. What evidence does he have to back this up?
He gave some folks directions once
He cut to the front of the line at the movies once
He had a ant farm once
A group of Cub scouts told him to get lost once
16. Chip Ozgood doesn't think camp food is that bad. Of course, this is coming from the guy who once ate:
His parakeet after it died
A jar of paste
All the crayons in a box except for fuchsia and lavender
2 pounds of modeling clay
17. There are two crazy chefs (Jake and Eddie) at the camp. Their always trying to come up with a new types of food. What do they want Ernest to try of theirs?
Eggs erroneous
Salmon julienne
Graham cracker bouillabaisse
Lobster bisque
18. To distract Eddie and Jake, Ernest ask them if they see something. That something turns out to be the ingredient they needed: A big fat ________ with all it's shots.
Ground squirrel
Hedge hog
19. What is the name of Ernest's pet turtle, who is a heartless beast?
20. Ernest teaches the boys to never make funny faces and sounds to a family of what?
21. Ernest joins Nurse St. Cloud and her grandfather for a picnic. Ernest is happy he has the great outdoors, a beautiful woman, plenty of food and what?
Fire ants
Biting flies
22. The boys give Ernest the best get well present he ever got. What did they give him?
Poison oak plant
Chocolate chip cookies with laxatives
Stuff animal with itching powder
Poison ivy plant
23. The camp gives the boys a challenge to build a authentic Indian replica. What do the boys build?
A tepee
A canoe
A Indian head dress
A wigwam
24. What's the name of the invention which Eddie and Jake built?
Pumpernickel tuna pasta preparer
Liver loafer lunch arranger
Chicken changer morning maker
Super baker dinner maker
25. Ernest and the boys have a secret weapon which they use to defeat the mining company. Death from above, Ernest releases what weapon?

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