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How Well Do You Know: Some Kind of Wonderful
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1. Some Kind of Wonderful featured scenes shot at the legendary Hollywood Bowl. Which of the following Oscar-nominated films, released a year after SKoW, also featured scenes shot at this location?
Rain Man
Working Girl
Tequila Sunrise
2. What kind of car does Watts drive?
Mini Cooper
VW Kharmann Ghia
BMW 2002
3. Keith's dad's initial guess as to why Keith withdrew his college money is that Keith
got a girl pregnant.
is using drugs.
bought art supplies.
bought a car.
4. How did Keith manage to get into the art museum after hours?
One of the skinheads broke the gate off its hinges.
Duncan bribed a rich guy to get the keys.
Duncan's father works there.
Watts picked the locks.
5. Amanda cries in the school hallways after realizing that
She is pregnant.
Her friends have deserted her.
Hardy and his friends plan on beating Keith up.
Hardy is cheating on her.
6. How does Watts first convince Keith to kiss her?
She intimates that he might have bad breath.
She winks at him.
She implies that he might be a bad kisser.
She gives him ten dollars.
7. Duncan and Keith bond over a love of art in detention. Duncan shares with Keith a picture of his girlfriend
without skin.
without teeth.
without hair.
with two heads.
8. Watts is willing to bet Keith _____ that his date with Amanda is a joke.
her drums
her hands
her brother
her life
9. What does Hardy intimate to Keith is the dress code for his party?
Suit and tie
Coat and tie
Tennis whites
10. Laura tells Amanda and Shane that the Nelsons have a/an
Pied a terre in Paris.
Ancestral estate in Scotland.
Villa in Tuscany.
Chalet in Switzerland.
11. What does Keith's dad do for a living?
He is an auto mechanic.
He is a golf course sprinkler salesman.
He is a tire salesman.
He works in the trainyard.
12. Watts calls Amanda all of these things except
Rat Bait
13. What French phrase does Keith use on Duncan the first time we see Duncan?
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
14. Why is Duncan in detention?
Possession of smut on school grounds.
Possession of liquor on school grounds.
Possession of cigarettes on school grounds.
all of the above.
15. Laura says that because of a bruise Keith gave her, she cannot
wear a sleeveless top.
wear shorts.
lie out.
leave the house.
16. Amanda uses all of these tactics to get out of detention except
Complimenting Mr. Sonner's hair.
Complimenting Mr. Sonner's teaching ability.
Complimenting Mr. Sonner's wardrobe.
Playing the gender card.
17. What does Ray's mom do for a living?
She is a plumber.
She is a guitarist.
She is a cookbook writer.
She is a school lunch lady.
18. What is the name of the gym teacher with whom Amanda has two altercations?
Ms. Katimsky
Mrs. Albright
Mrs. Goldberg
Miss Post
19. Keith's father wants him to study
20. While Keith and Amanda eat dinner, Watts gambles in the alley with other chauffeurs. The drivers play
Card Games.
Dice Games.
Pick Up Sticks.

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