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How Well Do You Know: The Sandlot
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1. When does Scotty Small move to his new neighbourhood?
Three weeks after school let out
The last day of school
Two weeks before the end of school
The first day of school
2. Scotty meets eight other boys at the Sandlot. What's the nickname for the chubby, redheaded, freckled boy?
3. There's another little boy whose nickname you say twice. What do the other boys call him?
Yeah Yeah
Bee Bee
Joe Joe
Yo Yo
4. Benny doesn't like Scotty's baseball cap with the large Salmon on it. Benny gives Scotty his own hat and suggests Scotty does what with the fish hat?
Throw it back into the lake
Throw it in the fireplace
Throw it off a cliff
Throw it in the garbage
5. The older Scotty who narrates the movie says all the boys were constantly lying about doing what?
Stealing dad's beer
Seeing a naked girl in real life
Kissing a girl
Looking at Playboy magazines
6. Scotty doesn't know who Babe Ruth is. It's probably because his friends never call Babe by name. Which nickname do they NOT call him?
The King of Crash
The Colossus of Clout
The Baron of the Bat
The Sultan of Swat
7. Squints tells Scotty a story about the Beast. How many people has the Beast killed? (so far!)
8. As a tradition, what do the boys do every 4th of July?
Go to the lake for fireworks
Play baseball at night
Have a neighbourhood BBQ
Play baseball all day
9. The boys crack jokes on each other all the time. What's the one thing you NEVER say to a baseball player?
Your momma taught you to throw
You hit like my grandma
Your play like you're wearing girl panties
You play like a girl
10. After the boys win against the little league team, Bertram gives the boys a gift. What is it?
A cigar each
Admission into the fair
Chewing tobacco
A beer a piece
11. What happens to the boys at the fair?
They get into a fight with other kids
They ride rides till the park closes
They all throw up
They stay out too late
12. It was too hot to play baseball, so the boys decide to go to the pool. One boy decides to fake a drowning, in order to get mouth-to-mouth by a cute lifeguard. Which boy does this?
Yeah Yeah
13. The boys all witness this, which they think is a great omen:
Benny finally strikes out
Benny busts the guts out of a ball
Scotty finally hit a home run
Benny breaks a bat in half
14. Older Scotty Smalls, who narrates the film, keeps referring to a problem he got the boys into. He calls it the biggest _______ ever.
15. According to the movie, how much does a baseball cost in 1962?
16. The boys try a number of ways to retrieve their lost baseball. Which method did they NOT try?
A pot
Golf club
A vacuum
An erector set
17. Babe Ruth visits one of the boys in a dream. Which boy was it?
18. When Babe Ruth is leaving Benny's house, he asks if he can keep a baseball card. Who is on the card he wants?
Eppa Rixey
Henry Aaron
Tris Speaker
Jim Bottomley
19. What type of shoe is guaranteed to make Benny run the fastest?
P.F. Flyers
20. The Beast chases Benny throughout town. Benny and the Beast run through everything EXCEPT what?
A movie showing
A wedding
The pool deck
A Founder's Day Picnic
21. What was the Beast's real name?
22. Mr. Mertle give Scotty an autographed ball. What do they call the players who signed the ball?
Murderer's Row
The Executioners
The Death Squad
Death Row Murderers
23. When Benny plays professional baseball, what is his nickname?
Jack Rabbit
The Bullet
The Jet
The Rocket
24. Which professional baseball team does Benny play for?
25. Scotty has never heard of, much less tried, which delicious snack?
Puppy Chow
Fluffer Nutters

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