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How Well Do You Know: Hook
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1. As the film opens, Peter Banning has what type of profession?
Sales Rep
2. Peter's word is not his bond. He missed his son Jack's:
Soccer game
Karate tournament
Spelling bee
Baseball game
3. What is Peter deathly afraid of?
The water
Small spaces
4. What was the purpose of the Banning family going to England?
Granny Wendy's dedication
Granny Wendy is getting old
Granny Wendy asked them to
Granny Wendy is sick
5. What did Peter's daughter Maggie make for him?
A hat
A parachute
6. Uncle Tootles walks throughout the house claiming he lost what?
His pixie dust
His happy thought
His way
His marbles
7. Once a fairy dies, how do you bring them back to life?
Stomp your feet very fast
Clap your hands
Blow on them
Scream "I do believe in fairies!"
8. Peter doesn't believe in fairies, and refers to Tinkerbell as a what?
9. Captain Hook is not impressed with the new Peter Pan. He offers him a deal: Peter can have his kids back if he can do what?
Fly like he use to
Turn in the Lost Boys
Touch their hands
Beat the Captain in sword fighting
10. Captain Hook is mad at a fellow pirate. He punishes him for being a traitor. He puts him in a trunk with two scorpions. What's this punishment called?
The Ouch-ie box
Pokey box
Bad boy box
Boo Boo box
11. There's a very big, black kid in the Lost Boy tribe. What is his very interesting name?
Cookie dough
Thud butt
12. After a long day, Peter goes to have dinner with the Lost Boys. What's wrong with the food?
It's cooked garbage
It's all candy and sweets
It's burned
It's invisible
13. Rufio thinks Peter's a poor excuse for the Pan. He points out Peter can't fight, can't fly. What else can't Peter do?
Be brave
14. Peter and Rufio trade insults back and forth. What is Peter's final insult to make the food turn real?
Your a lewd, crude, rude bag of pre-chewed food dude
Go eat a slug slimed, sack of rat guts in cat vomit
Go suck on a dead dogs nose
Your a cheesy, scab-picked, pimple squeezing finger bandage
15. Hook is trying to turn Jack against his dad. What does Hook let Jack do, to vent out his anger towards his dad?
Break widows
Smash clocks
Scream "You're a liar, dad!"
Punch a pirate
16. Maggie makes all the pirates sad and feel pity on her by doing what?
Calling out for mommy
17. Maggie tells her brother to do something and the rest of the pirates chant it to him. What do they tell Jack to do?
Run fast, Jack
Go home, Jack
Run home, Jack
Hit the road, Jack
18. It takes Peter two days and a lot of trying, but he finally gets his happy thought. What is Peter's happy thought?
His family
His wife
His mother
Being a daddy
19. Throughout the entire movie, the Lost Boys have a war cry. What do they shout over and over?
20. A unknown star at the time played Granny Wendy when she was younger. Who is the now-famous actress?
Gwyneth Paltow
Cameron Diaz
Charlize Theron
Naomi Watts
21. Everybody needs a happy thought to fly. What is Tinkerbell's happy thought?
For Peter to come back to Neverland
To be loved by Peter
To grow taller
To become a real person
22. After Captain Hook stabs Rufio, Rufio tells Peter his final wish. What is Rufio's final wish before he dies?
To fly like Peter
To be like Peter Pan
To have a family like Peter
To have a dad like Peter
23. How is Captain Hook killed?
Peter kills him
He walks the plank, the croc gets him
The croc clock falls and eats him.
He's impaled by his own hook
24. Peter is going back to his own world, and he has to leave someone in charge. Who does Peter leave in charge?
Thud Butt
25. Before the film ends, Peter tells his kids they must always do what?
Keep the door unlocked
Leave a window open
Live each day like a great adventure
Chase after their dreams

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