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How Well Do You Know: A League Of Their Own
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1. Dottie Hinson and her sister Kit are from what state?
2. Dottie is always giving her sister Kit advice on batting. She tells her to lay off what type of pitches?
Low ones
Curve balls
Fast balls
High ones
3. How much money does the baseball talent scout offer Dottie to play ball? (She was making $30 at the farm so this would more.)
4. Mr. Capadino (the scout) thinks Marla Hooch is a great batter. Too bad he doesn't think she'll be right for the team. What's wrong with Marla?
She's too fat
She's not pretty
She has a bad accent
She's a tom boy
5. Dottie impresses Mae and Doris after doing what with a ball?
Catching it behind her back
Throwing it real far
Catching it with her eyes closed
Catching it bare handed
6. All the girl baseball players must go to charm and beauty school. What advice does the beautician give for Marla?
A mask
A blind crowd
A lot of night games
A bigger hat
7. What does the sponsor, Mr. Harvey, sell?
Hot dogs
8. Jimmy Dugan has a bum knee. It keeps him from playing baseball and out of the war. How did he hurt his knee?
He fell out of a hotel window
In a car accident
He fell down some stairs
He got drunk and shot himself in the leg
9. Mr. Lowenstein informs the baseball players that they have no audience. Dottie comes up with a idea she thinks will excite the fans. What does Dottie do?
Catch the ball in her dress
A cartwheel
Catch the ball under one leg
The splits
10. Evelyn wants to bring her overweight, naughty little son to games. What's her little brat's name?
11. Dottie gets a ride to the bar from a young kid. What does he ask Dottie to do?
Give him a spanking
Make a man out of him
Pay him
Get him in to the bar
12. Lou can't take it anymore, and decides to quit. Jimmy also wants to know the answer..... Who's Lou?
Equipment manager
The announcer
The umpire
The bus driver
13. Finish this phrase: "There's no ____ in baseball."
14. All-the-way-Mae has a idea of her own about how to draw a crowd. What does she think will make people come to games?
Showing her boobies
A shorter skirt
Flashing people
Playing in a bathing suit
15. Dottie gets Jimmy to drink coke instead of booze. What does Jimmy teach Dottie to do?
Smoke cigars
Hock a phlegm ball (yuk)
Do a shot with no hands
Chew tobacco
16. With which of her teammates does Kit get into a fistfight?
Helen Haley
Ellen Sue
17. Mae steals/borrows one of the girl's red hat. When the hat's owner asks everyone if anybody had seen her new hat, Dottie answers her by saying what?
Go $hit in your hat
Piss on your hat
Damn your hat
F#*k your hat
18. Where does Kit get traded to?
Kenosha Comets
South Bend Blue Soxs
Milwaukee Chicks
Racine Belles
19. When the girls are in the locker room, they get a telegram saying one of their husbands has been killed. Who's husband is dead?
Betty Spaghetti
Helen Haley
Shirley Baker
Beverly Dixion
20. Dottie can no longer take it and decides to quit baseball. What event happened to convince her to leave?
Kit being traded
Her father died
Her husband came home
Betty's husband dying
21. Two boys ask Jimmy for he's autograph. What does Jimmy write on the baseball?
Steer clear of redheads
Have a good lawyer
Close cover before striking
Avoid the clap
22. Dottie comes back to play after Jimmy says it's alright. Dottie in turn tells Jimmy he looks like $hit. What does Dottie think Jimmy needs to do?
Wash his hair
Iron his uniform
Get more sleep
23. The first baseman on the Racine team is played by what current well-know actress?
Joan Cusack
Robin Wright
Te'a Leoni
Laura Dern
24. How long did the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League last?
25. What reason did Dottie give to explain why Kit won the World Series?
She was a great player
She deserved to win
She fought hard for it
She wanted it more

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