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How Well Do You Know: My Girl
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1. Vada Sultenfuss starts out telling us that she was born jaundice. What kind of physical illness did she get, crediting it to a truck stop toilet?
The clap
2. What year does the movie supposedly take place in?
3. Vada is a real business woman. She has the little neighbourhood boys paying her to see what?
A dead body
The cremation furnace
The embalming table
A funeral service
4. Vada has an interesting name for her Grandma. What does Vada call her?
5. Vada has a terrifying experience, being locked in the basement with a dead body. What was Vada doing down there?
Getting her baseball
Getting her basketball
Looking for her lost shoe
Doing the laundry
6. When Vada is really upset, she plugs her ears and sings what song?
It's My Party
My boyfriends back
Chantilly Lace
Do Wah Diddy
7. Vada is lying on the floor under the kitchen table. She claims to be dying and it must be her _______, because when it hits that, you're a goner.
8. Vada steals Shelly's money to pay for a writing class. How much does the class cost?
9. Vada's hippie friends ask her to feel their:
Inner strength
10. Vada impresses her class with a cute poem she wrote about what?
Ice cream
11. Thomas J. knows Vada's feelings on death. He tries to lie and hide what dead animal, for fear it would upset her?
A fish
A mouse
A butterfly
A baby bird
12. Vada's dad Harry gets advice from his brother Phil about women. What advice does Phil give Harry on how to treat a women?
Give tons of compliments and loving stares
Give her your best pick up lines, go for tongue
Act very rude, don't pay or open doors
Act like your interested in her life, nod a lot
13. Vada and Thomas J. almost get two old people in a fight. They follow her dad on his date and shout out what?
He's cheating!
I won!
14. Vada is annoyed Shelly shows up in the grocery store, while she and her dad are shopping. What food item does she shove in her dad's face (You know what he said he needed REAL bad...)
Tuna fish
15. Vada wakes up one morning and screams for help. What has happened to her?
She gets a pimple
She has a nose bleed
She gets her period
She has a chipped tooth
16. Vada, her dad and Shelly all go to the fair. What prize does Vada win for herself?
A stuffed bear
A fish
17. Vada declares war on Shelly, while riding what ride at the fair?
Bumper cars
Haunted house ride
18. Vada seems to be plagued by many afflictions. What has she had lodged in her throat for three years?
A pop can tab
A wad of bubble gum
A chicken bone
Plastic from candy wrapper
19. Vada's dad Harry becomes really mad and beats up a man Shelly knows. How did the man relate to Shelly?
Her ex boss
Her ex boyfriend
Her annoying neighbor
Her ex husband
20. Vada's and Thomas J. decide to run away. Who does Vada decide she's going to move in with?
The Partridge Family
The Waltons
The Brady Bunch
Addams Family
21. Vada drops something in the woods, and Thomas J. goes to retrieved it. What did Vada lose?
Her purse
A mood ring
Her earring
Her hat
22. During Thomas J.'s funeral, Vada screams out that he's missing his glasses. She also tells everyone what he wanted to be when he grew up. What was he going to be?
A acrobat
A explorer
A deep sea diver
A magician
23. What killed Thomas J.?
Fire Ant bites
A snake bite
Bee stings
A spider bite
24. Vada returns to her writing class with a new poem she wrote. What was the poem about?
A flower
A bird
A weeping willow tree
An oak tree
25. At the end of the movie, Vada is very happy about the President elect. Who won the election?
John F. Kennedy
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
Richard Nixion

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