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How Well Do You Know: Covert Affairs, Season 1 Recap
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Nice one! Love this series!
cambric 9/15/10 10:07 am


1. "Pilot": Annie enjoys a big old sexy time with a man in Sri Lanka, until the man vanishes - leaving behind only a note that says:
Don't let them pull you in.
We'll meet again - watch for me.
I'm not who you think I am. Neither are you.
The truth is complicated. Forgive me.
2. "Pilot": The unit of the CIA in which Annie works is called the DPD. What does DPD stand for?
Department of Privacy Development
Domestic Protection Division
Diplomatic Protection Directorate
Division of Protocol Directors
3. "Pilot": At the climax of the first episode, Annie engages in hand-to-hand combat with an assassin in:
An airport hanger
A hotel kitchen
An abandoned warehouse
A subway station
4. Following the pilot, the rest of the episodes in Season 1 share titles with songs by this band:
The Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin
Pearl Jam
Green Day
5. "Walter's Walk": A boy named Walter intercepts transmissions from a number station, which indicate a plot by which group?
al Qaeda
Shining Path
6. "Walter's Walk": Annie's sister makes a request which Annie is reluctant to fulfill. What is it?
To date one of her friends
To find their long last father
To run surveillance on her husband
To be named the guardian for her children in her will
7. "South Bound Suarez": Annie befriended the college-aged brother of a foreign banker. Annie befriended the boy through which activity?
Going to the movies
Visiting museums
Playing soccer
Mountain biking
8. "South Bound Suarez": To visit the banking sister and the government agent she worked with, Annie had to travel to this country:
9. "No Quarter": This episode concerns the fallout of Annie failing to retrieve a case from a contact in Zurich. Where was the exchange supposed to take place at the beginning of the episode?
In a church
In a disco
In an airport
In an electronics store
10. "No Quarter": Annie's attempts to retrieve the case at the end of the episode are complicated because a/n _________ is blocking access to where the case is hidden:
Ornamental elephant
11. "In the Light:" To help track a rogue arms shipment from entering the US, Annie has to work with one Christopher McAuley, a former CIA operative who had reportedly "retired" from the company because:
He had a nervous breakdown
He had assaulted Henry Wilcox
He was accused of being a mole
He was disavowed during an operation
12. "In the Light:" Annie and Jai watch McCauley as he enters a market to make meet his contact. McCauley returns with what is supposedly a briefcase full of money. Annie and Jai realize, though, that something is awry when they open the case to find:
Salt shakers
Telephone books
A severed hand
13. "Houses of the Holy": When CIA operations fail to take out their intended targets, members of the DPD are charged to track down a leak within which government body?
The Senate
The Department of Defense
The House of Representatives
14. "Houses of the Holy": Auggie is providing logistical support to his old unit for an operation called:
15. "Communication Breakdown": The communication blackout coincides with a hacker conference which Auggie and Annie infiltrate. The conference is called:
Hack Quest
16. "Communication Breakdown": The climax of the episode took place aboard what type of transportation?
Private jet
17. "What Is and What Should Never Be": Where does Ben Mercer make direct contact with Annie?
In a coffee shop
In her bedroom
In a gas station restroom
In a city park
18. "What Is and What Should Never Be": Annie witnesses a painting sold at auction for much more than it was worth. As a result, Ben puts Annie on the trail of what type of international criminal?
Head of a kidnapping ring
Drug kingpin
Arms dealer
19. "Fool in the Rain": An Iranian national seeking entry into the United States coincides with a trip that Annie takes with her sister to:
Niagara Falls
20. "Fool in the Rain": Arthur Campbell finds out that Auggie is dating Liza Hearn. When Auggie says that Liza has mentioned the _________, Arthur realizes that Auggie can use Liza to find the leak:
Bethany Report
Saturday Affair
Albian Group
Windsor Consortium
21. "Fool in the Rain": Annie realizes that Jai was the man that Ben Mercer met several times in Sri Lanka - primarily because of the ________ that Jai wears:
22. "I Can't Quit You Baby": The DPD springs into action when the operator of a medical supply firm is caught trying to smuggle _________ in a diplomatically-papered case:
NOC lists
Pre-Colombian artifacts
23. "I Can't Quit You Baby": When Henry Wilcox briefly rejoins DPD. What is different?
He is polite and deferential towards Arthur
He has lost his hair from chemotherapy
He has shaved
He is sporting a black eye
24. "When the Levee Breaks": Approaching CIA Headquarters on foot, Ben tells the armed guards who draw on him: "My name is Ben Mercer, a former CIA operative...."
Arthur Campbell is expecting me
That's all right, boys, I know my way in
Annie Walker will want to speak with me
I want to come in from the cold
25. "When the Levee Breaks": When Ben and Annie travel to Sri Lanka, they meet with Ben's contact who goes by the handle:
Lone Star
Day Break
South Bank

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