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How Well Do You Know: Sneakers
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Spanning the career arc between Oscar and Uwe Boll is this film

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1. Back in 1969, what's the last thing Marty says to Cosmo before the cops arrive?
You are sure we will not get into trouble for this?
We are going to change the world.
Power to the people.
One can not trust anybody these days.
2. The team gets into position for the bank heist. What's Whistler reading?
A conspiracy theory book
A Playboy
The bank's emergency response manual
Uh, Whistler's blind.
3. Two potential clients review Martin's team history. Who has actually done time in Dannemora prison?
4. "Martin Bishop" is an alias, as we see on his wanted poster. What's his real last name?
5. "I'm in it for the money, I don't care if you go to jail." How much is the NSA offering Bishop's team?
6. Bishop invites his former flame Liz to attend a lecture. What's her occupation?
Sleeping with the top ten minds in the country
College professor in mathematics
Teaching music to gifted children
Event coordinating at an embassy
7. At Janek's post-lecture reception, Bishop and Liz run into Gregor. What's his business card job title?
Head of Security
Visiting Professor
Military Intelligence
Cultural attache
8. Where is Janek's black box?
Between the jar of pencils and the lamp
On the workbench, by the soldering gun
Right next to the keyboard
Sitting in his inbox
9. What song is playing during the team's party dancing montage?
Secret Agent Man
Chain of Fools
Jumpin' Jack Flash
What a Wonderful World
10. Carl and Whistler use the box to decrypt all but the following sites:
National Power Grid
FBI Mainframe
Air Traffic Control System
Federal Reserve
11. At the box handoff, Crease realizes that these guys aren't real NSA. What spooks him?
The NSA doesn't pay in cash
Mother calls to warn them
A newspaper headline
A note from Gregor
12. Bishop wakes up in Cosmo's office, where Cosmo claims his interest in the box is:
To protect the mob's finances
To erase his government file
To break Russian codes
To destroy it
13. The team finds Cosmo's building under thinly veiled security. What's the sign say?
The Coolidge Institute
Darlington Labs
There is no sign.
14. The team calls the real NSA with a voice analyzer. Which question does Mr. Abbott answer with a lie?
What is your name?
Who paid for the box?
Can you make a deal?
Can you guarantee my safety?
15. Nerd alert. What's the license plate number of Werner's car?
180 IQ
16. Liz needs to record Werner saying "My voice is my passport, verify me." Where does she do this?
An Italian restaurant
A Chinese restaurant
His kitchen
Her living room
17. Liz tells Werner that her name is:
18. Posing as groundskeepers, Mother and Carl wear baseball caps featuring what sports team name?
The 49ers
The Orioles
The Yankees
The Lakers
19. The plan almost succeeds. What throws a monkeywrench into things?
Carl falls out of the ceiling
Liz mentions how she met Werner
Cosmo hears Bishop's earpiece
Mother accidentally trips the alarm
20. "I cannot kill my friend. Kill my friend." How do Bishop and Liz avoid getting shot?
Bishop threatens to break the box
Bishop grabs Cosmo
Mother cuts the lights
Carl jumps down on Buddy
21. Crease reveals that the reason he left the CIA was due to:
Too many armed fools
Racial bias
His temper
Not enough action
22. Mother wants Abbott to give him a Winnebago. With what color interior?
23. What destination is not on Crease's list of first class tickets for him and his wife?
24. The young lady with the Uzi... What's her name?
She only gives her number.
25. Which group wasn't among those reported to receive large anonymous donations at the film's end?
Amnesty International
The National Association to Legalize Marijuana
The United Negro College Fund

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