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How Well Do You Know: Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour
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1. Where did Scott acquire his brand new gaming device?
Future Shop
A raffle
Young Neil gave it to him (for $200)
2. What did Scott do to Cole, the drummer for Stephen Stills' new band?
Beat his as at Halo 3
Set him up with Wallace Wells
Stole his cat (he thought it was Gideon)
Stuck a fork in his head (he thought Cole was Gideon)
3. After Scott learns that Knives Chau has turned 18, what does he do?
Buys her a beer
Buys her a cake
Runs away, because he's still freaked out by her dad
Suggests that they should have casual sex
4. While Scott and Kim take a "wilderness sabbatical", what comes out of the bushes to fight Scott?
A doberman pinscher
Gideon Gordon Graves
The NegaScott
Simon Lee
5. What is Gideon's occupation (according to his intro box)?
Club owner
Ultimate boss
6. Why is it the greatest day of Young Neil's life?
He finally gets to play in a band with Stephen Stills
He has just seen Stacey Pilgrim...and it's love at first sight
He's on a date with Knives Chau
He's on a date with Tamara, Knives' friend
7. After he walks up behind Scott at the Chaos Theatre, what is the first thing Gideon Graves says?
Can I just be the first to say...nice shirt (he's like the third person to say that, actually).
I'm totally having a threesome with Envy and Ramona
What's your name again?
Where is Ramona!?
8. After Scott refuses to join the League of Evil Exes, what does Gideon do?
Flips Scott off
Points a gun at Envy Adams
Stabs Scott in the heart and kills him
Takes Wallace Wells hostage
9. So, Scott's dead and stuff. But that's okay, because...
He goes to heaven, finds Ramona, and lives happily ever after
He got a 1-up in Volume 3
It all just happened in a dream
It's not really okay. He's dead!
10. What has Gideon done to his girlfriends who "got away"?
He has cryogenically frozen them, awaiting the future day when they'll all go out with him
He has forced them to join an all-girl league of evil exes
He has killed all their boyfriends
He has stolen their kittens
11. Where did Gideon find the seven exes who eventually joined the League?
In Ramona's bag
12. Gideon has a way of getting in Ramona's head. How does he do it?
Gideon the cat is his conduit
He has awesome vegan powers
Through her bag
Whenever a certain song plays, she goes into a trance
13. Gideon tries to kill Scott for a final time, but Ramona blocks him with her bag. What does she receive after this?
A 1-up
A new FabuBag
A new, unlocked hairstyle
The Power of Love
14. Where did Ramona disappear to for a year, anyway?
Minnesota or something
New York City
Northern Ontario
She went to her dad's, like on a wilderness sabbatical
15. There's a final surprise in store for Scott when he finds out who Stephen Stills has been dating. Who is it?
Joseph (God, he hates Stephen's friends)
Kim Pine (It's about time)
Knives Chau (It will have to be long distance since she's going to college)
Wallace Wells (He's such a slut)

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