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How Well Do You Know: Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe
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Is her head glowing?

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1. Which of the following is *not* a party that Julie has thrown at her new apartment?
Canadian Politics Circa 1972 But You’re Secretly Batman Party
Dress Up As Gideon Gordon Graves Party
Underwater Pimp and Ho Party
2. Rather than fight Scott Pilgrim at Julie’s party, evil ex-boyfriends Kyle and Ken Katayanagi do what?
They rig an elaborate trap for him
They send ROBOT-01 to do their dirty work
They sic Dobermans on him
They share a drink with Scott and Ramona
3. How does Wallace Wells communicate with Scott now that they aren’t living together anymore?
He calls Scott on his cell phone to check in every couple of hours
He sends him daily letters
He texts messages to Ramona to deliver to Scott
4. What does Scott get when he defeats ROBOT-01?
Five bucks
A snack
A special “Robot Master” achievement
5. Scott is very disturbed to find out which of the following things about Ramona?
She doesn’t like Sex Bob-omb
She had a sexy phase
She's a cat person
She's thinking about getting her hair cut short
6. How does Knives claim that Ramona stole Scott from her?
She got to him through Wallace Wells
She hit him with a hammer
She hypnotized him using some sort of thing from her subspace suitcase
Using Advanced American Slut Technology
7. While Ramona is in the restroom talking to Knives, what is happening outside at Sneaky Dee’s?
Scott is breaking his bass as he defeats yet another robot sent by the Katayanagi twins
Scott, Kim and Stephen Stills are all glaring at each other rather than playing the show
Sex Bob-omb is actually playing a killer show!
Some crazy dude is carving a hole in the moon
8. Why does Kim Pine break up with Jason Kim (holy crap! She was dating him!)?
He had an affair with Hollie, her roommate, behind her back
His car got repossessed
She's obsessed with Scott
She's obsessed with Knives
9. What strange thing keeps happening to Ramona?
Her bag keeps trying to strangle her
Her hair changes color by itself
Her head starts glowing
She’s no longer able to use subspace
10. How do the Katayanagi twins lure Scott to come fight with them?
They kidnap Kim Pine (Simon Lee thinks they’re a little unoriginal)
They kidnap Ramona
They pretend to be Wallace Wells and send a fake text
They send him a nice email promising snacks
11. How does Kim help Scott to defeat Kyle and Ken?
She distracts them by saying, “Look! A robot skeleton army!”
She escapes from her cage and uses a flying drop kick to blindside them
She tells him that she got a text from Ramona saying that she believes in him and can’t wait for him to come home (she didn’t really)
She tells him that she loves him
12. After Scott defeats the Katayanagi twins and rushes home, what happens to Ramona?
She disappears in front of his eyes
She sprains her ankle
She tells him she is moving in with Wallace Wells
She turns into a cat
13. Ramona is not the only one who disappears. Who else is missing from Scott’s life?
Gideon the Cat
Kim Pine
Stephen Stills
Wallace Wells
14. Kim drops a bomb of her own. What is she doing?
Dating Wallace Wells (WHAT?)
Getting an apartment with Knives Chau when she graduates
Going to California to try to work in television
Moving back home to Northern Ontario
15. Who does Scott mistake for Gideon?
A) His brother, Lawrence
B) Wallace's boyfriend, Mobile
C) A and B
D) None of the above

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