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How Well Do You Know: Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness
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Someone doesn't really understand veganism.

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1. As Scott and his friends wait for Envy and her other band members after the show, there is a glowy thing by the door. What is it?
A gleek. It becomes Scott’s pet.
A save spot
A trick of the light
Bait for evil exes
2. What is unusual about the drummer for the Clash at Demonhead?
She has a bionic arm
She is eight feet tall
She is eight years old
She is an albino
3. Where does evil ex Todd Ingram get his awesome powers?
He’s a vegan – graduated top of his class from Vegan Academy and everything
He’s been focusing his energy on leveling up in sorcery
He wears a special ring given to him by Gideon
His hate gives him mystical abilities
4. What is Envy’s real first name?
5. What is the name of the psychic dude Wallace picks up?
The Other Scott
6. Where did Ramona go to college?
The University of Carolina in the Sky
Vegan Academy
7. Todd eats something that is decidedly not vegan right in front of Envy, but she has no idea. What is the food item in question?
Naan bread
8. We’re starting to learn why Todd is evil, aren’t we? He’s also having an affair behind Envy’s back? Who is he secretly snogging?
Julie Powers, Stephen Stills’ girlfriend
Kim Pine, drummer of Sex Bob-omb
Knives Chau, 17-year-old former girlfriend of Scott Pilgrim
Lynette Guycott, drummer of The Clash at Demonhead
9. Stephen Stills and Scott Pilgrim were once in a band with Envy. What was it called?
Adams, Stills and Pilgrim
Kid Chameleon
King Koopa
10. Where did Michael Comeau (he knows everyone - including you) get his crazy skull ring?
From a box of evil Cracker Jacks
From the future
He won it in a boss fight
He’s had it since the day he was born
11. Why is Knives Chau dating Young Neil?
Because he basically looks just like Scott Pilgrim
Because he’s super hot
Because he took care of her of her when Envy was mean to her
She has no idea
12. Ramona pulls a large hammer from her subspace suitcase. It is +2 against:
The Boys and Clash
Knives Chau
13. Where is Envy’s weak point?
Her Achilles tendon
The back of her knee
Her brain
Her funny bone
14. What is the last minute, poorly set up Deus Ex Machina that allows Scott to finally defeat Todd?
The Boys and Crash (yes, they changed their name) have sound waves reverberating during their show, and they knock Todd out
Buffalo stampede
Monkey out of nowhere!
The Vegan Police show up and strip Todd of his powers for a veganity violation
15. Scott gets a special reward for beating Todd. What is it?
Dragon boots
An extra life
A mithril skateboard
A tanooki suit

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