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How Well Do You Know: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Book)
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1. Where did Scott first meet Kim Pine?
He ran into her while playing hockey with some kids on the street
He saw her at a coffee shop
Stephen Stills introduced them
They attended St. Joel’s Catholic High School together
2. Who does Scott have to battle after some guys from Benvie Tech High School kidnap Kim?
Jason Lee
Lucas Lee
Luke Wilson
Simon Lee
3. What is the name of Scott Pilgrim and Kim Pine’s first band together?
Link’s Fairy Friend
Luigi’s Wrench
Sex Bob-omb
Sonic and Knuckles
4. What does Scott say to Knives Chau immediately after she tells him she’s in love (with him)?
“Are you even allowed to date outside your race?”
“I’m too old for you.”
“I think we should break up…or whatever.”
“I think we should have casual sex.”
5. What is Scott’s favorite food?
Garlic Bread
6. What video did Scott return 36 weeks late (he claims mice hid the video somewhere in his apartment, and also that he rented the video as a joke)?
Batman and Robin
The Land Before Time IV
Navy Seals
7. Why are Ramona, Scott and his friends making vegan shepherd’s pie?
Because meat is too expensive
Because Ramona is a vegan
Because they like to be inclusive
Because they’re trying to build up Scott’s strength for his next fight
8. What is the name of Ramona’s cat?
9. Ramona makes a list of “Things That Are Not Cool About Scott’s Apartment.” Which of the following is not one of them?
All items in the apartment belong to the gay man
It’s too far away from the subspace highway
Only one bed and it’s shared with a gay man
10. What’s the name of the movie Lucas Lee is filming when he comes to fight Scott?
Action Doctor
Let's Hope There's a Heaven
Night Furl
You Just Don't Exist
11. Scott gets an item after he defeats Evil Ex #2, Lucas Lee. What is it?
A Bafmodad
An extra life
A mithril skateboard
The power of love
12. Which of the following does Knives Chau say to Ramona while they’re fighting?
Chau down!
I'm a Scottaholic!
Neener neener!
All of the above
13. Scott’s girlfriend, who broke his heart over a year ago, is in a popular band. What is the name of that band?
The Clash at Demonhead
Crash and the Boys
The Envy Adams Experience
14. Envy Adams and Scott Pilgrim broke up on which holiday?
Boxing Day
Canada Day
Christmas Eve
New Year's Eve
15. What is revealed about Envy’s boyfriend/bass player at the end of Vol. 2?
He has a monkey on his back
He is blind
He is Ramona’s third evil ex
He plays bass with his feet

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