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How Well Do You Know: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life
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1. At the beginning of Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, who is Scott dating?
Envy Adams (24 years old)
Kim Pine (23 years old)
Knives Chau (17 years old)
Ramona Flowers (age unknown)
2. What is the rating of Wallace Wells, roommate of Scott Pilgrim?
3. What is Young Neil’s last name?
4. What is the name of the band Scott Pilgrim is in with Kim Pine and Stephen Stills?
Cherry Bomb
The Drackies
Pilgrim, Stills and Pine
Sex Bob-omb
5. Where does Scott first encounter Ramona Flowers?
At a party
At the offices
At the library
In a dream
6. When Scott “officially” meets Ramona at a party, she is wearing some very interesting shoes. Whose shoes do they resemble?
Carrie Bradshaw's
Dorothy Gale's
Mr. Silly's
Ronald McDonald's
7. At Sex Bob-omb’s first gig at The Rockit, who is the band that opens?
The Clash at Demonhead
Crash and the Boys
Kid Chameleon
Sonic & Knuckles
8. How does Scott first learn that he will have to battle Ramona’s evil exes?
He receives an email, which he promptly deletes because it’s boring
He sees a strange Gideon shadow in his dreams, giving him a premonition of things to come
Ramona tells him when she meets him at a party
Wallace shows him an article in a magazine
9. Here’s a tough one: what real-life band sings “Scott Pilgrim”, the song that is the inspiration for the graphic novel series?
Beachwood Sparks
Blood Red Shoes
10. What is Ramona's nationality?
11. Why is there an “X” patch on Scott Pilgrim’s parka?
A) Because, according to Ramona, he is a total nerd and created a homemade X-men patch himself
B) Because, according to Scott, he obviously went to Professor Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, while Ramona did not
C) It came with the jacket
D) A & B
12. What is unique about Trasha, the drummer for Crash and the Boys?
She has a bionic arm
She is a vegan
She is eight feet tall
She is eight years old
13. Which of the following is not a song performed by Crash and the Boys at the Rockit?
I Am So Sad. I Am So Very Very Sad.
Last Song Kills Audience
Launchpad McQuack
14. How many times did Ramona and Matthew Patel (Evil Ex #1) kiss?
15. After being KO’d, what’s the value Matthew Patel leaves behind in coinage?
50 cents (the first boss fight is never worth that much)
$2.10 (not even enough for the subway home)
$7.77 (because 7 is an awesome number)
$312.50 (it’s an inside joke)

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