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How Well Do You Know: The Book of Eli
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1. The film begins with an extended shot of a wasted landscape. Eli's entrance into the film is marked as he kills a rather emaciated animal which most resembles a:
2. The first clues concerning the thing about Eli - you know, the thing - are apparent (if you watch really closely) when he enters a house, where he comes across a dead person. How did said person die?
By hanging
By decapitation
By crucifixion
By self-inflicted shotgun blast
3. Eli awakes in the morning to realize:
Someone is in the house with him
The batteries on his iPod have run down
Rats have eaten the rest of his food
The rest of his water has leaked out of his canteen
4. On the road, Eli encounters a group of hijackers, who use ______ to lure passers-by:
A woman
A crying child
5. Eli dispatches the would-be hijackers. What does he do to the leader?
Lets him go with a warning
Separates his head from his body
Cuts off his hand
Guts him with a chainsaw
6. Throughout the film, Eli states that he is traveling in this direction:
7. Eli overlooks a couple overtaken by a biker gang. What does Eli repeat to himself as deliberates whether or not to get involved?
Justice must prevail
Your fight lies ahead
Vengeance is not mine
Stay on the path
8. Arriving in town, Eli visits a shop and barters for:
A pair of sunglasses
An electrical charge
9. The murderous biker gang delivers to Carnegie a bunch of books - just not the one he's looking for. In addition, the head of the gang gives Carnegie:
A necklace
A slinky
10. Eli trades these items at the bar for water:
Gloves and a lighter
A blanket and gloves
A blanket and a lighter
Sunglasses and gloves
11. A confrontation between Eli and the leader of the road crew leads to Eli killing the gang in the bar. The confrontation concerned:
A cat
The contents of Eli's pack
12. Solara's mother Claudia states that she has been blind:
Since her husband died
Since Solara was born
Since an attack during the war
Since birth
13. Eli states that it's been approximately this many years since "the flash":
14. Carnegie is injured during the shoot-out in the street. How?
One of his own men shoots him
Eli shoots one of the snipers on a rooftop - the sniper then falls on Carnegie
Solara hits him with a shovel
Eli shoots him
15. When Solara attempts to follow Eli as he leaves town, he:
Takes her boots
Barricades her in the room that houses the spring
Steals her sunglasses
Knocks her out and carries her back to town at night
16. Solara is almost done in by brigands on the road. How does Eli dispatch them?
With his sword
With a gun
With bow and arrow
With explosives
17. According to Eli, his bible is the only one left. How did he come to posses it?
He had it before the war
A voice guided him to where it was buried
A dying priest gave it to him
He took it from the church under which he found shelter during the war
18. One of the vehicles that Carnegie uses to track down Eli and Solara is:
An armored car
A cement mixer
A fire truck
A monster truck
19. When Eli explains to Solara how he knows he's walking in the right direction, he refers to music by this singer:
Eric Clapton
Bob Dylan
Johnny Cash
20. Meet George and Martha. Their hands shake. They eat their guests. They keep a large stockpile of weapons in:
The well under the front porch trap door
Their graveyard
Their sofa
Their record player
21. Carnegie shoots Eli:
In the abdomen
In the throat
Through his hand
In his foot
22. As Carnegie and company drive back to town, Solara causes the vehicle she is in to overturn when she ________ the driver:
23. How does Redridge, Carnegie's right hand man, die?
Solara runs him over
He is impaled on Eli's sword
Carnegie shoots him
In the blast of a grenade
24. Eli's ultimate destination is closest to which west coast city?
San Francisco
Los Angeles
San Diego
25. The last we see of Eli's book in the film, it is in the possession of:
The man who runs the printing press

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