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How Well Do You Know: Doctor Who, Season 5
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1. The Doctor, having regenerated in the special "The End of Time", finds himself craving some good, wholesome food at the start of "The Eleventh Hour". Which dish satisfies his craving?
Baked beans with grapes
Bacon with caramel
Fish fingers with custard
Boiled eggs with whipped cream
2. How is Caitlin Blackwood, who plays young Amy in "The Eleventh Hour" and "The Big Bang", related to Karen Gillan, who plays the adult Amy in the rest of the series?
3. At 27, Matt Smith was the youngest actor to ever play The Doctor. Which actor previously held that distinction?
Peter Davison
David Tennant
Paul McGann
Colin Baker
4. When The Doctor encounters the now fully grown Amy, what is her profession?
5. What is the terrible secret that everyone chooses to forget in "The Beast Below"?
Starship UK is under the control of The Daleks
Starship UK is being carried on the back of a Starwhale
Starship UK isn't real, but is actually a shared dream
Starship UK's citizens have to periodically sacrifice children to appease a hostile alien race
6. In "Victory of the Daleks", what allows the Daleks to activate the Progenator and create new, pure members of their race?
The Doctor saying that they are Daleks
The DNA of a Time Traveller coming into contact with one of the Daleks
The Doctor turns the Progenator on, thinking he is deactivating a bomb
Dr. Bracewell builds a missing piece of the machine for them
7. Towards the end of "Victory of the Daleks", Amy says something that flummoxes The Doctor, what does she say?
She remembers meeting Churchill before
She knows how to drive The TARDIS
She has no previous memory of The Daleks
She claims not to be Scottish
8. "The Time of Angels" sees the return of The Weeping Angels, who first appeared in which acclaimed episode, also written by showrunner Steven Moffat?
The Girl in the Fireplace
The Doctor Dances
Silence in the Library
9. Amy gets trapped in a room and is menaced by a Weeping Angel. How does it approach her?
It comes out of a photograph
It comes out of a picture in a book
It comes out of a television
It comes out of a painting
10. Why does Amy have to keep her eyes closed for most of "Flesh and Stone"?
If she opens them she will die
If she opens them she will go blind
If she opens them she will turn into a Weeping Angel
If she opens them The Doctor will die
11. What do the mysterious 'Cracks' that appear throughout the series (and which are partly explained in "Flesh and Stone") do?
Release deadly amounts of radiation
Erase people from time
Open gateways between dimensions
Prevent The TARDIS from time traveling
12. The Doctor, Amy and Rory travel to Venice in "The Vampires of Venice" to discover that the city is being controlled by the mysterious Calvierri family, who appear to be vampires, but are actually aliens that resemble...
13. "Amy's Choice" finds The Doctor, Amy and Rory trapped in a shared dream world as they face off against a being who calls himself The Dream Lord, who is played by which British actor?
Timothy Spall
Toby Jones
Michael Sheen
Jason Isaacs
14. In "Amy's Choice", The Dream Lord causes The Doctor, Amy and Rory to leap between two realities; a freezing TARDIS and a future Leadworth, telling them that one is real and one is fake. Which of the two realities is real?
The freezing TARDIS
Future Leadworth
15. The Dream Lord is a manifestation of whose subconscious?
The Doctor
The Master
16. The Doctor, Amy and Rory mistakenly arrive in the Welsh village of Cwmtaff in "The Hungry Earth", what was their intended destination?
Rio de Janeiro
17. What does The Doctor pull out of the Crack in Time at the end of "Cold Blood"?
Amy's engagement ring
A piece of the TARDIS
A Dalek's gun
River Song's diary
18. A suspicious shadow appears in which painting by Vincent van Gogh, prompting Amy and The Doctor to travel back in time to meet him?
The Potato Eaters
The Starry Night
The Church at Auvers
19. Which veteran British actor cameos as Dr. Black, the curator of the van Gogh exhibit?
Michael Caine
Bill Nighy
Terence Stamp
Patrick Stewart
20. "The Lodger" finds The Doctor playing which sport?
21. Which historical figure is River Song impersonating at the beginning of "The Pandorica Opens"?
Joan of Arc
Florence Nightingale
Marie Curie
22. Where is The Pandorica located?
Under The Vatican
Under The Tower of London
Under The Sphinx
Under Stonehenge
23. In "The Big Bang", which British intellectual does Amelia's mother say she mistrusts because of his belief in stars?
Richard Dawkins
Steven Hawking
Christopher Hitchens
Robert Winston
24. On what date is Amy due to get married, which also happens to be the day that the cracks in time will destroy the universe?
25th June 2010
26th June 2010
27th June 2010
28th June 2010
25. The Doctor is seen dancing to what song at Amy and Rory's wedding reception?
Sex Machine by James Brown
Common People by Pulp
Hey Ya by Outkast
Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen

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