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How Well Do You Know: Doctor Who, Season 1
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1. Christopher Eccleston plays the Ninth Doctor, who played the Eighth Doctor?
Colin Baker
Peter Davison
Sylvester McCoy
Paul McGann
By way of explanation.....
McGann played The Doctor in the 1996 made-for-TV movie, which is considered canonical.
2. Not counting the 1996 TV movie, "Rose" was the first new Doctor Who episode produced for how many years?
14 years
16 years
18 years
20 years
By way of explanation.....
The original series ended in 1989,
3. Where does Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) work?
A pub
A department store
A call center
4. Clive, the man who runs a website about The Doctor, says that The Doctor can be found at many events throughout history. Which of these is not an example that Clive gives to Rose?
Kennedy Assassination
The Fall of the Berlin Wall
Launch of the Titanic
Eruption of Krakatoa
5. Doctor Who 101 time: What does T.A.R.D.I.S. stand for?
Tremendous and Righteous Destruction Is Soon
Time and Relative Dimension In Space
Tumbling and Reeling Despite Its Size
Travelling Around Routing Daleks In Style
6. Underneath which London landmark does the Nestene Consciousness live?
Buckingham Palace
Tower Bridge
The Houses of Parliament
The London Eye
7. Which British actress voices the character of Lady Cassandra in "The End of the World"?
Judi Dench
Julie Walters
Zoƫ Wanamaker
Maggie Smith
8. In "The Unquiet Dead", which of Dickens' short stories does The Doctor say is the best ever written?
The Signalman
The Black Veil
The Doctor's Story
A Christmas Carol
9. When Rose returns home at the beginning of "Aliens of London", how long has she been away for?
12 days
12 weeks
12 months
12 years
10. According to the Slitheen masquerading as the Prime Minister in "World War Three", how quickly would the (fictitious) alien ship above London be able to attack Earth?
45 seconds
45 minutes
45 hours
11. What is the password for the UNIT website?
12. Which classic Who villain can be seen in a display case at the beginning of "Dalek"?
An Ice Warrior
A Sea Devil
A Cyberman
A Jagaroth
13. Which actor plays The Editor in "The Long Game"?
Michael Sheen
Simon Pegg
Nck Frost
Toby Jones
14. What nickname does The Editor give to his boss, the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe?
15. In "Father's Day", Rose and The Doctor travel back to 1987 to witness her father's death. What is the name of Rose's father?
16. What allows the Reapers to enter the Church?
Baby Rose and Adult Rose touch
The groom opens the doors trying to escape
One of the Bridesmaids lets them in, hoping to be spared
The T.A.R.D.I.S. accidentally breaks one of the windows when it materialises
17. What word or phrase do Jamie and the infected say in "The Empty Child"?
"Who turned out the lights?"
"Where am I?"
"Are you my mummy?"
"Count the shadows"
18. "The Empty Child" introduces us to Captain Jack, what's his surname?
19. How is Nancy related to Jamie?
20. What item of clothing does the Slitheen Margaret Blaine use to teleport in "Boom Town"?
Her purse
Her coat buttons
Her shoes
Her jewelery
21. Which of these programmes is not parodied in the episode "Bad Wolf"?
Big Brother
What Not to Wear
Dancing with the Stars
The Weakest Link
22. Who is controlling Satellite Five?
The Master
The Cybermen
The Daleks
23. When Captain Jack asks for volunteers to defend Satellite Five, how many people offer to help?
24. Who put the words "Bad Wolf" throughout time?
The Daleks
Captain Jack
The Doctor
25. What causes The Doctor to regenerate?
He falls from a great height
He absorbs the time vortex from the T.A.R.D.I.S.
He is hit with an intense dose of radiation
He is shot whilst stepping out of the T.A.R.D.I.S.

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