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How Well Do You Know: Raising Arizona
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1. H.I. is in an Arizona correctional facility in which county and city?
Pima County, Tucson
Maricopa County, Tempe
Yavapai County, Prescott
Coconino County, Flagstaff
2. When H.I. first sees Ed, he give her a nice compliment. What does he compare her to?
A angel
The sunset
A sky filled with stars
A desert flower
3. In group therapy, there's a tough looking black guy who thinks he's really a woman. What evidence does he have to back this up?
He's growing breast
He has menstrual cramps
He's dying to go shopping
He feels like crying a lot
4. The parole board has got a name - not a pretty one - for repeat offenders like H.I. What do they call people like him?
5. When H.I. goes to steal Nathan Jr., he's with his 4 brothers. What are the names of his siblings?
Garry, Barry, Larry, Harry
Ken, Glen, Ben, Ren
Bill, Phill, Will, Gill
Fred, Ted ,Ed, Jed
6. H.I.'s good friends Gale and Evelle Snoats just busted out of jail. How did they break out of jail?
Stole away on laundry truck
Climbed over the fence
Tunneled out
Kidnapped a guard
7. Throughout the whole movie H.I. keeps robbing the same convenience store. What's the name of the store?
Break Time
Short Stop
Quick Trip
Git n Go
8. Nathan Arizona Sr, has a very big store. What does he sell?
Light fixtures
Lawn furniture
Kitchen Appliances
Unpainted furniture
9. Nathan Arizona Sr. asks the newspaper not to run a article about his son, saying "don't print that, son, his momma reads that she'll just lose all hope." What was the article going to say?
Nathan Jr. was abducted by UFO
Nathan Jr. being raised by a pack of coyotes
Nathan Jr. leaves home to become a carny
Nathan Jr. sucked into the t.v by ghost
10. Gale and Evelle blame their mother for turning them to a life of crime. What did their mom NOT do for them, resulting in them ending up criminals?
Kiss them goodnight
Let them know their father
Breast feed
Sing lullabies
11. Leonard Smalls (The biker) has a tattoo that said something unusual. What did it say?
Mama didn't raise no fool
Mama didn't love me
Life's hard on the little things
Your ass will never get away
12. H.I.'s boss Glen is sure not shy about his problem. What does he repeatedly tell H.I. that this is wrong with him:
Something's wrong with his head
Something's wrong with his blood
Something's wrong with his balls
Something's wrong with his semen
13. Glen and his wife Dot have really rowdy children. Which is NOT one of their kids names?
14. Dot insists Ed is not taking proper care of the baby. What does she suggest the baby *has* to have?
His hair cut
His hearing checked
His Dip-Tet shots
A college fund started
15. H.I. is infuriated by by Glen's suggestion that H.I. and Glen do which of the following:
Return Nathan Jr. for the reward
Swap wives
Leave the kids and adults go out
Send their baby to a day care
16. H.I. has flagged down a man in a pick-up truck. The man looks down at H.I. and says what?
Get the hell out of my way!
Boy, what the hell is your problem?
Mister what is that on your face?
Son, you got a panty on your head.
17. Leonard Smalls confides to Nathan Arizona Sr. that something happened to Leonard as a baby. (It probably explains the tattoo momma didn't love me.) What happened to Leonard as a baby?
He was sold on the black market
He was raised by criminals
He lived in a orphanage
He was dropped on his head
18. Leonard Smalls tries to extort money from Nathan Arizona Sr. How much is Leonard trying to sell his services for, keeping in mind he'll kick their butt for no extra charge.
19. H.I. signs his love/goodbye letter to his wife, using his real name. What name does H.I. sign?
20. Gale and Evelle twice have the same problem with regards to Nathan Jr. What do they keep doing?
Leaving him in the car
Driving off without him
Dropping him
Making him cry
21. What is the only thing that stopped Gale and Evelle from retrieving Nathan Jr.?
Leonard Smalls
Their car broke down
A paint bomb
H.I. and Ed
22. While H.I. was busy being crushed in a bear hug by Leonard, he was surprised that they had the same tattoo. What was the tattoo of?
A skull
A flag
Mighty Mouse
A woodpecker
23. H.I. blows up Leonard with his own hand grenade. What flew off Leonard's jacket which had previously hung from it?
His man bag
A rabbits foot
His baby shoes
24. H.I. dreams that when he gets old, he'll have children and grandchildren. His family comes to visit his wife and him and everything is wonderful. H.I. thinks maybe that's because they are living where?
25. Throughout the entire movie, Ed and H.I. call their stolen baby different names. What do they decide to call him in front of others?
H.I. Jr.
Ed Jr.
All of the above

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