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How Well Do You Know: Film Analogies, SAT Style
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SAT Style Film Analogies

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1. Robert Englund:Freddy Krueger::
Anthony Perkins:Michael Myers
Bela Lugosi:Dracula
Lon Cheney Sr:The Wolfman
Vincent Price:Dr. Frankenstein
2. Clint Eastwood : Million Dollar Baby ::
John Avildsen : Rocky
Kevin Costner : Dances with Wolves
Martin Scorsese : The Departed
Robert Redford : A River Runs Through It
3. For the Birds:Monsters, Inc::
The Wrong Trousers:Shrek
Geri's Game:Toy Story
A Bug's Life:Cars
4. The Departed : Infernal Affairs ::
Gangs of New York : Hard-Boiled
Vanilla Sky : Open Your Eyes
The Replacement Killers : Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Pulp Fiction : Jackie Brown
5. Harrison Ford: Glenn Close ::
Michael Douglas:Martin Sheen
Peter Sellers:George C. Scott
Kevin Kline:Ben Kingsley
Anthony Hopkins:Ed Harris
6. Timothy Dalton:The Living Daylights ::
Sean Connery:Octopussy
Pierce Brosnan:Goldfinger
Daniel Craig:Casino Royale
George Lazenby:Dr. No
7. Janet Leigh : Jamie Lee Curtis ::
Goldie Hawn : Kate Hudson
Meryl Streep : Lindsay Lohan
Talia Shire : Nicolas Cage
Elizabeth Taylor : Neve Campbell
8. Val Kilmer : Michael Keaton ::
Steve Carell : Jim Carrey
Matt Damon : Ben Affleck
Harrison Ford : Alec Baldwin
Tobey Maguire : Willem Dafoe
9. Kimberly Peirce : Clint Eastwood ::
Sofia Coppola : Tommy Lee Jones
Mike Newell : Robert Altman
Sydney Pollack : Mike Nichols
Martin Ritt : Robert Benton
10. Philadelphia : Forrest Gump ::
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest : As Good As It Gets
Silence of the Lambs : Married to the Mob
Back to the Future : Cast Away
Bachelor Party : The Witches of Eastwick
11. Titanic : Star Wars ::
Saving Private Ryan : Armageddon
Spiderman : The Lost World
Jaws : The Godfather
The Phantom Menace : The Abyss
12. Casey Affleck : Joaquin Phoenix ::
Ben Affleck : Matt Damon
David Arquette : Thomas Jane
Scott Caan : Russell Crowe
Brad Pitt : Jason Lee
13. Erin Brockovich : Walk the Line::
Jerry Maguire : Blood Diamond
Moulin Rouge! : Little Children
Breaking the Waves : A History of Violence
My Left Foot : Ray
14. Bull Durham : Tin Cup::
Forrest Gump : Cast Away
Kramer vs. Kramer : Rain Man
Bang the Drum Slowly : Raging Bull
Reds : Bugsy
15. John Williams : Schindler's List::
Randy Newman : The Natural
Tan Dun : Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Ennio Morricone : The Untouchables
James Horner : A Beautiful Mind
16. Frances: Jessica Lange::
A Beautiful Mind : Jennifer Connelly
Awakenings : Robin Williams
Shine : Geoffrey Rush
Mad Love : Chris O'Donnell
17. Steven Spielberg : The Sugarland Express::
Ridley Scott : Alien
Sofia Coppola : Lost in Translation
Sam Mendes : American Beauty
Robert Zemeckis : Back to the Future
18. Kicking and Screaming : Greatest Game Ever Played::
North Dallas Forty : The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
Caddyshack : The Hustler
Wimbledon : The Sandlot
Bend it Like Beckham : The Legend of Bagger Vance
19. Pride & Prejudice : Bride & Prejudice::
Sense & Sensibility : The Sixth Sense
Emma : Clueless
Mansfield Park : Echo Park
Becoming Jane : Tarzan
20. King Lear : Ran::
Othello : Yojimbo
Romeo and Juliet : Rashomon
MacBeth : Throne of Blood
Henry V : The Seven Samurai
21. Charlton Heston : Val Kilmer::
Mark Wahlberg : Roddy MacDowell
Willem Dafoe : James Caviezel
Kirk Douglas : Russell Crowe
Barbara Hershey : Keisha Castle-Hughes
22. Mostly Martha : No Reservations::
Eat, Drink, Man Woman : Tortilla Soup
The Wedding Banquet : Chocolat
Babette's Feast : Ratatouille
Like Water for Chocolate : Big Night
23. Vanessa Redgrave : Lynn Redgrave::
Warren Beatty : Shirley MacLaine
Emilio Estevez : Charlie Sheen
Olivia DeHavilland : Joan Fontaine
Rosanna Arquette : Patricia Arquette
24. Howard's End : The White Countess::
Lady Jane : A Passage To India
The House of Mirth : Ethan Frome
Brideshead Revisited : The Wings of the Dove
The Remains of the Day : A Room With A View
25. Walter : John : Anjelica::
Ethel : Lionel : Drew
River : Summer : Joaquin
Henry : Peter : Bridget
Tippi : Melanie : Antonio

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