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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Homer Goes to College
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It’s a sleepy day at Springfield Nuclear Plant when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission drops by. Mr Burns tried to tell them he actually makes:
hot dogs
peanut butter
For the public safety inspection, what job has Homer been given?
eating all the stale donuts
playing hide and seek in the core
looking for buried treasure
guarding the bee
Pick the odd one out:
Son of Sniglet
Archie comics
Katharine Hepburn’s Me
TV Guide
Homer has to go to college, and the photo he sticks on his college application depicts him:
strangling Bart
without any pants
eating birthday cake
at the Duff Brewery
Homer prepares for college by watching “School of Hard Knockers”, starring Corey Masterson. In the film, the President decides to add Corey to his Cabinet as:
Secretary of Keeping It Real
Secretary of Chilling Out
Secretary of Partying Down
Secretary of Smelling You Later
The scene where Mr Burns meets the admissions board at Springfield University parodies:
The Godfather
The Untouchables
A Clockwork Orange
Homer is accepted into college. “I am so smart! I am so smart! I am so smart! I am so smart!”
There’s a crusty, bitter old dean at Springfield U. What band was he formerly the bass player for?
Fleetwood Mac
the Eagles
the Doobie Brothers
the Pretenders
Homer is excited to have played Dungeons and Dragons for three hours! But then what happened?
he was slain by an orc
he was slain by a goblin
he was slain by an elf
he was slain by a dwarf
Homer is appalled to learn that his new friends are also his mortal enemies – nerds! Which Supreme Court Justice is also revealed to be a nerd?
David Souter
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Thurgood Marshall
John Stevens
What’s the name of the mascot of Springfield U’s rival college, Springfield A&M?
Sir Oinksalot
Pig Newton
Porky Feldman
That pig has some powerful friends, including:
Bill Gates
Lee Iacocca
Oprah Winfrey
Richard Nixon
What’s the Itchy and Scratchy episode where Scratchy finally gets Itchy?
The Late Mouse Detective
New Jack Kitty
The Cat With A Bat
Burning Down the Mouse
Homer’s plan to reinstate the nerds on campus goes wrong when:
Homer accidentally punches the Dean in the face
Homer accidentally pants-es the Dean at the alumni charity dinner
Homer accidentally runs over the Dean
Homer accidentally has the Dean deported
Homer’s next year at college is depicted in a montage which includes all of the following except:
Homer waterskiing in a toga
Homer spitting out a stream of mashed potato
the nerds chasing footballers in an armoured vehicle
Homer flashing the audience at graduation

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