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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Deep Space Homer
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Union Rule 26: Every employee must win “Worker of the Week” at least once, regardless of all of the following except:
gross incompetence
rank odor
numerous safety breaches
What does Bart write on the back of Homer’s head?
Space For Rent
Thinking Free Zone
Insert Brain Here
I’m Ugly From This Side Too
NASA has just had its lowest Nielsen-rating launch ever. What was the purpose of this flight?
to test those pens that write upside down
to determine whether simple addition and subtraction still work in space
to study the effects of weightlessness on tiny screws
to show Ivan the good old USA’s still got it
The NASA launch was so low-rating it was beaten by:
A Connie Chung Christmas
When Animals Attack Magicians
Rain Delay Theatre
Oops Patrol
Fill in the blank: Homer figures that is anyone knows where to get _______, it would be President Clinton.
chicken enchiladas
Egg McMuffins
sweet potato pie
Homer and Barney are vying to go on a mission for NASA. What does Homer think is the only danger of sending unqualified civilians into space?
if they meet any prissy robots that complain a lot
if the talking computer malfunctions and the zero gravity toilet doesn’t work anymore
if any of those furry Tribble things get on board
if they send them to that terrible Planet of the Apes
Which NASA veteran accompanies Homer into space?
John Glenn
Buzz Aldrin
James Lovell
Sally K. Ride
After stealing a rocket pack and crashing, Barney is run over by:
a marshmallow truck
a candy floss truck
a pillow truck
a teddy bear truck
According to Homer, what are the two greatest words in the English language?
If Homer doesn’t take advantage of this opportunity, he could regret it for the rest of his life – just like that time he could have met who at the mall?
David Hasselhoff
Mr. T
Mark “Jacko” Jackson
Gary Coleman
Homer is in space. Who have NASA coaxed in to Mission Control to play a little bit of his own brand of laid-back adult contemporary music?
Paul Simon
Gordon Lightfoot
James Taylor
Peter Frampton
Ken Brockman welcomes our insect overlords, and suggests that as a trusted TV personality he can be helpful in:
informing an ignorant population of the benefits of ant rule
reporting on the location of local picnic areas
rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves
leading them to factories for Raid, MaxForce and other ant killers

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