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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: The Springfield Connection
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Homer does not enjoy the Springfield Pops’ rendition of the Star Wars theme. What instrument could not have come in any later?
the French horn
the kettledrums
the double bass
the bassoon
After Homer is ripped off in a crooked three-card monte game, Marge chases after the criminal and catches him! It was pretty exciting, but according to Marge what type of soup is pretty exciting too?
cabbage soup
celery soup
cucumber soup
zucchini soup
Marge has a taste for adventure now, and she crosses over:
from regular American cheese to Monterey Jack
from regular ham to deviled ham
from regular baloney to pimento baloney
from regular tuna salad to spicy tuna salad
Marge is also tired of Sponge and Vacuum Magazine. Which of the following titles is not in the Death Sports section of the newsagency?
Cave Diver
Bear Baiter
Danger Liker
Cliff Biker
Homer has no interest in being a woman, apart from occasionally wearing:
the wigs
the sports bras
the high heels
the underwear
Marge joins the police force, and when she does her driving test, Wiggum misses it because he’s trying to get the Magic Eye thing to work. What is it?
a duck
a pony
a sailboat
a penguin
Marge is the new cop on the beat and Apu knows the drill. Who takes the money that Apu uses to bribe Marge?
Mr Burns
Marge is called to the Skinner residence after a domestic disturbance concerning:
an inflatable bath pillow
the left half of the television set
a crocheted cushion
a toilet seat
Homer now sees advantages in Marge’s new career, including all but which of the following:
employing pepper spray as a condiment
using her taser to get to the front of the line at the post office
using crime scene tape to play a prank on Flanders
background checks on anyone he wants
Lenny has picked up a nudie deck for the poker game. What is it?
Girls of the Internet
Women of the Kwik-E-Mart
Girls of Seattle
Men of... aww nuts!
When Marge first told Homer she was going to the police academy, he thought it'd be fun and exciting, like what movie?
The Three Amigos
Back to School
Police Academy
Marge busts Herman for selling what out of the Simpson carhole?
smuggled exotic birds
pirated movies
counterfeit jeans
Cuban cigars

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