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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Homer vs. Patty and Selma
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Homer has put all his money into a secret investment. What is it?
pumpkin futures
turkey futures
chocolate futures
ham futures
Homer and Marge have a deal – her sisters don’t come over after 6:00 and Homer:
will listen to Marge talk about her day
will take a shower every night
will eat anything that’s put in front of him
will stop eating Marge’s lipstick
Homer can’t let down sweet trusting Marge, so he tries all of the following methods to obtain money except:
asking Moe the loanshark
mugging Flanders
thinking up a fantastic invention that will make him rich
calling Vegas and putting $100 on red
It’s gym class sign-up day. What does T.S. stand for?
target shooting
Thai skipping
tethered swimming
trampoline soccer
Before being forced to take ballet, Bart tries to sign up to all the following classes except:
Lap Running
Push Ups
Rope Climbing
Gender Issues in Sport
Homer goes to ask for an extension on his mortgage. What little factoid is on his permanent record?
he once gave airplane rides to an unwilling pig
he once dangled a cat over a swimming pool
he once grabbed a dog by the hind legs and pushed him around like a vacuum cleaner
he once French-kissed a horse
Homer solved a little problem today. When he celebrates his victory, what does he say?
Mmmmmm... slanty
Mmmmmm... foot-long chilli dog
Mmmmmm... sixty-four slices of American cheese
Mmmmmm... forbidden donut
Unfortunately, Marge is out of the most exotic coffee in the Simpson house and all she has is Nescafe. She’s very very sorry, but what was she planning to serve?
Halifax Heaven
Saskatoon Sunrise
Montreal Morn
Winnipeg Wish
Bart’s ballet teacher is voiced by:
Geena Davis
Jodie Foster
Holly Hunter
Susan Sarandon
According to Selma, what word can’t be spelt without I.O.U.?
Jimbo cries at Bar’s ballet recital – he hasn’t been this moved since:
Waiting to Exhale
Steel Magnolias
My Girl
The Joy Luck Club
Why is Homer worse than Hitler?
for trying to burn the I.O.U.
for not telling Marge about their money problems
for grazing a traffic cone on his chauffeur’s test
for smoking in a government building

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